Bogi: Healing Stones From the Heartland of America

Popular with those ‘New Age’ crystal power-stone believers, there are dark metallic stones from a mound in the Smoky Hill Chalk of Gove County, Kansas that purportedly possess healing powers. These are “Bogi Stones”. Healing stones, also known by the trademarked name “Boji Stones”.

Said to balance energies, lift the spirit and heal ailments such as arthritis, the Boji Stones are part of the belief in alternative healing, ‘living stones’ and power crystals. Whether or not you believe in the magic of Boji Stones, they are something quite rare and unusual.

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Bogi Stones are found in several places around the world. But only the true “Boji” are claimed to be ‘healing stones.’ Concretions of several minerals such as iron sulfide, pyrite and marcasite, sometimes also jarosite, these nodules are typically found in places with thin-layered volcanic ash called “bentonite.” Bogi Stones are often found to be growing upon short ’stalks.’ Several places on the planet are known to have such conditions, so it is not exclusive to Gove County, Kansas.

Note that I try to say “Bogi” to refer to the natural stone, and “Boji” (trademark) to refer to the ‘energy-charged’ stone commonly sold for that purpose. It is a small point of contention as these stones are most likely no different, but the trademark-holders of the name and product “Boji” are rather clear on their position of naming so I shall try to be also.

Living Stones?

Believers in the existence of the powers in ‘living stones’ contend that Boji stones have gender, male and female. Specifically, it is the iron sulfide concretions of “Bogi stones” from the Smoky Hill Chalk Member that have the certified nomenclature “Boji” Stones, a trademark name.

Below; left: a smaller ‘male’ Boji with embedded crystal formation, and a larger, smoother ‘female’ Boji to the right, on edge view.

(Image by author)

The more numerous “female” Bogi tend to be larger and smoother, while the less common “male” gender are smaller and often have irregular crystals on one or both halves of the concretion. They can range in size from a few millimeters up to maybe 6-inches in diameter. Either will explode if thrown into fire.

Boji Stones require some simple care. They are not to be left setting upon stone or cement for this is allegedly draining of their stored energy force. Boji stones like the long, red light spectrum of sunset, and also the gentle glow of moonlight. They prefer to rest upon wood or cloth, and be kept in darkness when not in use.

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  1. Boji. Sounds a bit dodgy to me. Although a few years ago I got into crystals, which was lots of fun. They look a lot like chocolate buttons.

    Dare say you would have to stop the kids from choking on the fkkrs. Well, anyway, as again, nice images. Everything has a tale and you fleshed it out.

    Good work, sticky!! j

  2. my daughter talks about mommy go get a massage w/ hot stones…it made me think of her.natural medicine is great and to think all of modern tech. now there had to be other ways before.ppl. just didn’t know.they look beautiful and i would love to try it.

  3. Very interesting form of healing.

  4. Very interesting – I had never heard of these!

  5. Extraordinary work*



    -Liane Schmidt.

  6. I have a pair of beautiful boji stones. They are used primarily to balance the human energy field. The right side of the human body is the masculine (taking/assertive) side and left is feminine (receiving) side. Usually, the male boji (ridged) is held in the left hand and the female boji in the right. Depending instinctively on what feels best for you, hold either stone in each hand, still your mind, wait for a few minutes and see if you can feel vibration or heat in your palms. This means that your palm chakras have been activated and healing energy is flowing through your body.

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