Cashew Medicinal Uses

The juice from the pericarp promotes flow of urine and the alcoholic solution of the pericarp expels worms. The juice of the ripe fruit is good for dysentery.


(Anacardium occidentale) Cashew is a widespread tree, grown in all tropical countries. Generally it has a crooked trunk. The leaves are oval in shape with rounded tips. The yellowish flowers are small, crowned at the tips of the branches and the petals are sometimes with pink stripes. The fruit is pear-shaped, producing a kidney-shaped nut outside and under the fruit. The cashew nut is well-known as a delicacy.

Parts Used: Leaves, bark, fruits and gum.


Medicinal Use

  • Diarrhea, diabetes, infectious swellings and mouth ulcers
  • Relieves toothaches, sore gums, and dysentery
  • Promotes the flow of urine
  • Alcoholic solution of the pericarp is used to expel worms from the body. It is an effective insecticide.

How to Use

  • The bark of the tree is used in decoction for diarrhea, diabetes, swellings and mouth ulcers.
  • Infusion of the leaves and the bark relieves toothaches, sore gums and dysentery.
  • The juice from the pericarp promotes flow of urine and the alcoholic solution of the pericarp expels worms. The juice of the ripe fruit is good for dysentery.
  • The gum extracted from the bark is an effective insecticide.

Caution: The oil obtained from cashew raw nuts must not be used on warts, blisters, corns and ulcers as suggested by some people. The raw milk nut must not be used by pregnant women for it may provoke abortion as the milk of the raw nut is very caustic and poisonous. By drying and roasting the nut the poisonous property is removed and when the skin is taken off, the nut is a nutritious food.

To know more on how to prepare and use herbs, visit How to Use Plant Material as Medicine

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