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China Traditional Chinese medicine Health food and health supplies has a long history and unique advantages. Chinese people in the reproduction, survival and development, creating a complete theoretical system and the rich food culture and practice Traditional Chinese medicine Health food products. “Medicinal and Edible,” our ancestors, very long knows how to Chinese herbal medicine And health food products to “cure disease disease prevention.” Long health history, a unique dietary theory, rich herbal resources, splendid oriental culture, so that Chinese medicine health food in the domestic and international field of health food products occupy an important seat, its growth rate is that people anticipated. Chinese health food in China nearly 20 years of comprehensive development with Chinese characteristics, health food, Chinese food therapy is combined with new technology products.

Chinese health food products including natural food and the Ministry of Health issued as both food and drugs, medicine and raw materials can be used for specified health food varieties. Currently, more than 1000 kinds of Chinese market Health Products 90% of the first generation of traditional Nutritious health products And the second generation of the compound by the extraction Health Products , Which is mostly traditional Chinese medicine health care products, more than 1,600 manufacturers with annual output from the mid 80s of last century to the present 1.6 billion to 500 billion.

A considerable part of these products are sold around the world. Medicine Health products industry, in theory, inherited the theory of traditional Chinese health food, the “Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen,” “daughter Governance food”, “Herbal Food,” “Food Medical Center Kam” and other remnants of the theory 30 Food Books were consolidated, in the production technology and features on the promotion, much higher than the previous, and published on a number of health food, such as “research and development of Chinese health food” (Pei-Gen Xiao, Yi party, etc.), “Nutrition health food “(Chen Ren),” functional food “(ZHENG cents),” Chinese diet study “(Chamber text),” tonic book “(Xu Shunan),” Chinese Food Nutrition “(Wengwei Jian),” Clinical Journal of Diet Diet study “(cold side South),” China Nutrition Science Diet, “” health food management practices “(The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Health) and so on.

Chinese working on the trains (Photo credit: Anika Malone)

The development of Chinese health products is eye-catching, Chinese health products including health kits, pillows, lotion, liniment, powder and functional appliances, such as various cosmetic medicine, massage jade roller massage Amanda, jade pillow , pillow, health care cap, front Sport bags, all kinds of health waist bags, knee pads, eye protection devices, health umbilical bags and so on. The development of these products health and cultural heritage of Chinese health, cure disease disease prevention. Our rich and varied non-drug therapy is very broad and magnificent health, traditional medicine is an important part. It has a system based on the theory Practical application of several thousand years of history, with the exact health effects of a broad mass base, unique, Jane, have, experience, honesty and security features. Now all kinds of massage, pedicure, fumigation agencies springing up in various places popping up everywhere as an important method of health care, since the 80’s of last century these non-drug therapy became popular in the country.

Massage or massage, literature began to massage the name of the Ming Dynasty. Ming Gong Yunlin earliest book “Pediatric Massage Zhi Yao” and Xiong Yunying book “massage broad sense” and so on. Massage known for a long history, many schools, practice variety, skill and strong, broad indications, known significant effect. Nearly half a century on the theory and massage are great development. There are two common methods are: direct force method, if a finger bomb method, rolling method, by method, kneading method, picking method, hold method, shaking method, Morocco and France; indirect power tactics, such as the shaking method, ramp method, rotation reduction method, end method, back shaking method. Research shows that massage can cure, surgery, gynecology, ENT diseases, specific acupuncture points massage can adjust the corresponding internal organs of the physiological functions; for the corresponding internal organs of blood circulation; enhance the body resistance to disease, can quickly correct the soft tissue injury.

The elderly and healthy up to the role of health in sickness and fitness. Foot in the last 20 years the rise of health practices, in the country, cities, everywhere with foot center. Reflexology is a positive stimulus to peripheral nerve activity, improve body circulation, enhance immunity and spirit, enhance memory, to feel relaxed and happy feet and the brain, is very beneficial to health, deeply loved the people at home and abroad.

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