Colonoscopy – Do You Have to Drink All Four Litres the Day Before?

There are so many who are asked to undergo this exam. The actual exam is not as bad as the prepping. The dreaded day before when you have to drink that horrible stuff.

I am writing this article as I would like to offer some help. If your doctor has prescribed you the 4 litres you have to drink all of it. However if you are someone like me who struggles to swallow a Panado, you can speak to your doctor about some other alternatives. There is one called COLO-PREP. It tastes just as bad but at least it is only 500 ml of liquid as opposed to 4 litres. This makes a huge difference. It’s not as strong as the 4 litres of Colyte. So you might need to ask for a laxative to take the evening before you start taking the COLO–PREP. This will start the whole process off and will make it a lot easier. Please make sure you discuss this with your doctor before switching your medicine. I wouldn’t mix the COLO-PREP with anything – anything you add in just seems to make it worse. Try sipping on something else directly afterwards t o take the taste away. I sipped on sprite and lemon flavoured Energade. It was bearable. I also recommend following a strict diet to help with the process. No red meats or grainy foods. No fruits, etc. Also make sure that you take in a lot of water the day before the procedure. If you don’t you will become seriously dehydrated and it will make the whole process a whole lot worse. Once you have the stuff down the worst is over. The procedure is a breeze. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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