Common Herbs and Their Uses

Common herbs have many uses. They can be grown in your own garden or purchased in health food stores. Some can be toxic if used in the wrong amount so be careful how you use them.

Herbs can be used in ointments, lotions,oils, poltices, and syrups.  They can be used as steam in breathing treatments. Steeping herbs in boiling water can make healthful teas. They can be fused in alcohol and used as tintures.  Always store your herbs in tightly closed containers  in a cool, dry place.There are books for sale that will tell you everything about herbs and how to use them.

Common herbs and their uses

Golden Seal treats internal infections and ulcers.

Parsley is a diuretic, useful for treating the gall bladder and expelling kidney stones.

Ginseng improves circulation and sexual function.

Sage treats sore throat and mouth sores.

Ginger relieves bowel and stomach spasms,and nausea.

Aloe Vera helps heal burns, cuts, and skin rashes.

Peppermint aids digestion and reduces fever.

Valerian root relieves nervousness and aids sleep disorders.

White willow bark relieves arthritis and other types pain.

Fennel reduces flatulence, aids digestion, and relieves colic.

Chamomile smooths the nerves.

Jojoba soothes skin and scalp problems.

Anise relieves digestion discomfort.

Echinacea treats fever and infections.

Bayberry bark relieves sore throat and congestion.

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  15. Sounds like you can have the pharmacy in your back yard :) Seriously, many people know that herbs can cure but we still need to learn a lot about it, thanks.

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    jhenz, Most of these herbs cost very little here, and you can also grow most of these yourself. I also used to go into the woods to gather golden seal and wild ginger for my grandmother. Haven’t done that in a long time. I don’t knowif I would recognise it now.

  21. I just mentioned on another page how Ayurvedics say that God created the medicine and stored it in the vegetation of the world prior to man coming along and creating disease. Very relevant article. Thanks for posting it!!

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  30. This is very good information. I have also done a page on Jamaican herbs at Sometimes we would be much better using some herbs. We spend so much money visiting doctors when all we need to do is to study how to use herbs and use them.

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