Cow Urine: An Elixir Instead of Being a Waste

Medicinal uses of cow urine is not new to the world. For ages, it has been used for various health purposes by traditional healers round the globe. Here are some rare facts about this surely not delicious drink-

It is bitter in taste and smells bad, hence not for those who are found of aromatic flavors. Neither it works instantly like energy drinks; its effects are slow but gradual and permanent. So it is a worth drink for people of all ages. Aurvedic doctors frequently prescribe cow urine to the people suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS. In my home garbage that would be almost hundreds of empty bottles of cow urine’s that have been used by my father during the years he was suffering from lung carcinoma. Miraculously he survived; say got a new life and is living a healthy life now. However cow urine was not the soul thing he used to take regularly. It was the chief addition to the juice abstracted from wheat grass and Cordfolia Tinosphora (Guruchi or Guduchi).                        

Medicinal uses of cow urine are not new to the world. For ages it has been used for various health purposes by traditional healers round the globe. Romans, Europeans, Chinese all were well acquainted of its various internal and external uses and admired it as a powerful health improver. In India, its history goes back as old as pre-vedic ages. Great Indian physicians like Charaka, Sushutra, and Vangbhatt etc. have quoted the rational uses of cow urine in their treatise. They have identified cow urine as one of the most effective medicines for lungs, heart, gastric-intestinal systems, and liver and for many other body organs. It has a great healing potency in diseases like leprosy, liver diseases, AIDS, diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, epilepsy, obesity, infertility, asthma, cough- cold, constipation, jaundice, sleep disorder, anemia etc. Modern scientific researches have also proved its healing potency and various research organizations are now developing drugs for various diseases using cow urine. According to researcher cow urine is a rich source of various vitamins, minerals and acids. It contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Carbolic acid, Uric acid, Sodium, Potassium, Urea, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Gold salt and other useful components that are rare elsewhere. A milk-giving cow’s urine contains lactose which is considered very beneficial for patients suffering from heart diseases and brain disorders.  Urine got from those cows that graze in forest areas and natural vegetation is considered most beneficial.            

How to use- The cow must be young and disease free and urine should be filtered through a thick woven clean cloth. For better result it should be taken at least two times in a day- in empty stomach in the morning and after dinner. Well preserved filtered cow urine bottled by various companies are also available in the market. However to use fresh urine is always better than preserved one.                   

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  1. its really good to know we find all vitamins in one thing but how should we avoid the bad ordor of cow urine ?

  2. I loved it! This article, its amazing. It should have been read by hundreds of people. It should.

  3. I would like to learn more about the research into the presence of “gold salt” within cow urine.

    Can you provide further information or contacts?

    I am based in Australia, currently researching Vedic farming methods.

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