Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is effective and beneficial.Read on.

Crystals can be used for healing and solving problems.

Everything in the universe is interdependent.The earth has an energy field that affects everything that permeates into the planet.The human,animal,plant and the mineral kingdoms all affect each other.Each crystal has a potent energy which gets transferred to the person who is using it.Appropriate crystals can be prescribed to tide over a particular period or problem.

The crystals you buy should be four-and-a-half carat or more.They should be clear,without any cracks or spots,and be a deep color rather than a vague one.

Hold the crystal in your hand and feel the vibration.If you feel a warm vibe,it’s the right stone for you.You should also tie the stone in a muslin cloth on your arm and keep it for seven days.If some positive indications come your way, buy the crystal!

The crystal should be washed and soaked for at least one hour in a mixture of uncooked milk,honey,sugar and ghee.Put some rose petals in the mixture.Expose the crystal to any incense and keep it close to you.You should wear it in a ring or in a pendant.Larger crystals can be kept in your bedroom.

Your affirmations clear the aura around you and attract what you want.They should be repeated as often as you can throughout the day.

With the help of Tarot meditation,crystals and affirmations,you should be able to resolve the problems in your life.

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