Diagnosis of Health by Observing Your Face and Hand

Ancient Chinese face and hand readings are the wisdoms and philosophies adopted by Chinese practitioners to identify the cause, symptoms and the origin of diseases.

Diagnosis is an ancient Chinese wisdom in recognizing a health condition by its location, cause and symptoms. There are many diagnostic techniques, but here I only listed two of them. They are face and hand diagnosis to examine the health consequence of the person.

Ancient Chinese practitioners believe that all diseases are reflected in the face as each area of the face corresponding well to a specific internal organ. In Chinese ancient face reading, future events are interpreted according to color, shape, disfigurements and birthmarks on specific areas of the face. Careful inspection on the face and the hand may determine the location and origin of the disease which is useful in the course of a treatment.

Some of the examples of traditional observational diagnosis:

According to Chinese medicine, the liver has the property of wood (green), the heart has the property of fire (red), the spleen has the property of earth (yellow), the lung has the property of metal (white), and the kidney has the property of water (black).

According to the principle of Chinese traditional observational diagnosis, the face represents the present and the future, while the hand represents the past.

Face Reading

  • Face becomes slightly green: the liver’s ability is low.
  • Face is too red: heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Face becomes yellow: the spleen and stomach’s ability is low
  • Face becomes dark: kidney function is low
  • Face or skin too white: the lungs’ ability is low
  • Black moles appear on the face: the accumulation of acid and toxin levels in the vaginal are extremely high and may cause inflammation and pain in the vaginal. In this case, the patient should avoid sexual intercourse and any sexual relations with the male.
  • Folding between the areas of two eyebrows: the lymph’s ability is low, the immune system is weak and the possibility of catching flu is higher
  • Red spots or pox around the eyebrows: more likely to get flu in the next few days or the person is suffered from the flu.
  • Eyebrows become red: brain nerve is too active to enable the person to sleep well
  • Eye socket becomes red: inflammation in the kidneys or back pain
  • Nose becomes red: bladder inflammation or pain of the back
  • Swelling veins on the nose: the kidneys and bladder functions are deteriorating
  • Lips become red: the stomach is too active
  • Lips become black: both spleen and kidney functions are low
  • Pox spots or cold sores near the lips: stomach ulcer
  • Cheek turns red: the liver is active
  • Black eyes or black/ brown spots: the kidney function is low
  • Skin around the eyes is dark: the kidney function is deteriorating or bladder is more likely to have “stones”. When the male’s kidneys and bladder function is low, he is more likely to have an enlarged prostate.
  • Black moles in between the nose and the lip: acid and toxin levels in the body is extremely high, and Chinese fortune-teller has related the formation of black moles as a sign of loneliness
  • Black moles in between the nose and the lip are too dark: one should aware of getting cancer
  • The region between the chin and the ear with depressed, scars, pox marks or any other anomalies: the intestine is not functioning well. If this region becomes red, it is possible that the person will have diarrhea in a few days.

Hand Reading

To be good at observational diagnosis of the hand, you need to observe and verify more, and notice the minor things. You should avoid making conclusion too instantly. You may ask the patients if they have any problems, but you should not tell them straightaway that they have defects on their faces or palms as this will embarrass or offend them.

  • Color of the palm is slightly yellow: liver’s ability is low
  • Slightly green palms or green blood vessels: intestine and stomach are not healthy
  • A straight line on the thumb: problems with the nerves on the face
  • Straight lines on the joint between the back of the thumb and the palm: problems in the spine of the neck
  • A straight edge from the little finger to the wrist: less muscle in the hand (little finger represents the kidney, bladder, uterus and ovaries, the straight edge indicates that there is a defect in these organs)
  • A defect in a “Statute line” (the line from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth): problems with knee joint.
  • Little muscle in the area of “Statue line”: one may suffer tooth decay. This is because when one has tooth decay, the bone is not healthy and hence the muscles are not good. Chinese medicine believes that healthy muscle depend on the pancreas. So, having little muscles also means the gut is not very good. In another view, when the teeth are weak, the food cannot chew properly and hence the functioning of the gut is interfered.
  • Black moles near the “Statue line”: the gut is not functioning well
  • Black moles near the “Statue line” become too dark: one may get intestinal cancer. (Note: If the color of the mole is still light, it means that the disease is developing).

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