Digestion Made Easy

The salivary glands provide the needed saliva to assist in the food chewing process and to provide early digestion of certain carbohydrates. The salivary glands are located in the region of the mouth, face and neck. There are major and minor salivary glands. The major salivary glands are called the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands.

All the organs performing in perfect harmony make the most important activity of our being easy. Digestion, apart from a mechanical process, is a chemical process also.

Glands contributing digestive juices include the salivary glands, the gastric glands in the stomach lining. The pancreas and the liver and its adjuncts the gall bladder and bile ducts-produce bile and other important juices.

The teeth grind food into small pieces. Tongue helps us to swallow this mushy pulp. This pulp is carried to our stomach by the oesophagus. The stomach further breaks down the food by pounding it through muscle contraction. The stomach also stores food or else we would have to eat every 20 minutes. The stomach then passes partially digested food to the small intestine. Intestines further break food particles into smaller molecules that can pass through the walls of intestine into the bloodstream. The food that cannot be digested further is passed to the large intestine and then expelled from the body through the anus.

Human Digestive System

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