Do You Wear Gold, Silver or Copper?

Wearing jewelry can actually make you healthier. It can give you physical strength, energy and stamina. Wear gold, silver, copper, or platinum to help energize your body’s electromagnetic field.

Gold, silver and copper help to energize your body’s electromagnetic field by attracting energy to it. Do NOT wear metals such as Lead, Iron, Pewter or Tin. They short out your electromagnetic field and make you weak, tired and eventually sick.

Have you ever said that you “can’t wear costume jewelry”? You are probably right because you have subconscious energy awareness. You feel great when you wear real jewelry and weak when you wear “costume” jewelry.

If you should wear bracelets of gold, silver, or copper, then you are to wear them on the left wrist and not on the right. This is because the electromagnetic flow of energy flows in the left palm and out the right palm. If you wear ankle bracelets or toe rings, the flow of energy also works the same way for the feet, entering the left and leaving the right.

Listed below, are the curative properties and the traditional and modern attributes of the precious metals that we wear.


Traditional Attributes

And Curative Properties

Modern Attributes


Promote generosity; remove uneasiness, rheumatism, gout. Prevent contagion, sterility

Conductor of energy through the body. Useful for energy blocks or distortions. Does not have spiritual qualities.


Strength, cure, melancholy, heart disease, asthma, sexual dysfunction, cleanse blood. Symbol of the sun.

Positive energy structure of highest vibration. Attracts physical and spiritual energy.


Metal of the moon, head, brain, epilepsy, rheumatism.

This physical energy conductor benefits many but not all. Does not have the high vibration of gold.


None known.

Metal of highest vibration. Energy conductor. Raise vibration from physical to spiritual. Beneficial to most people.

One final note on the metal, Platinum: Platinum is a pure metal. So much so that people with some kind of skin allergy can wear it in safety. It is hypoallergenic. Because Platinum is more expensive to purchase that silver or gold, it isn’t in the budget range of most people. However, if you can afford Platinum, it is an excellent choice because of its beauty and energy conductivity. The Hope Diamond and the Star of Africa are two famous jewelry pieces made in Platinum. Platinum will not wear away or wear down. In America, platinum jewelry contains either 90% or 95% pure platinum. By comparison, 18K gold is 75% pure and 14 karat is 57% pure gold. Only platinum will never tarnish or lose its rich white luster.

Wearing jewelry is beautiful and healthy. No matter which metal you choose to wear, just make sure that it’s Copper, Gold, Silver or Platinum.

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