Effective and Natural Medicines That Can Treat Kidney Disorders and Other Diseases

Are you suffering from a kidney problem but can’t undergo medication because the prices of drugs are so high? Diuretics are drugs that help the body get rid of excess water and salt. They assist the kidneys to produce and excrete more urine. Diuretics are also helpful for patient having heart and liver disorders.

Many fruits and some vegetables contain natural diuretics. But sometimes buying fruits and vegetables are also impractical for they are expensive as well.

Here are some natural and effective substitutes for commercial diuretics. Most of which are readily available anywhere else in the world but more abundant in tropical and sub-tropical regions. And more importantly, most of them can be obtain free except for the last one.

  1. Makahiya or Tickle Me or Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

  2. Source: Wikipedia

    Makahiya or Sensitive plant is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched, re-opening within minutes. This species is sometimes considered a troublesome weed in tropical crops. This plant is most often grown as an indoor annual, but is also grown for groundcover. Medicinally speaking, every part of this plant are important most especially the roots. It is said to have a bitter and astringent taste, and has a history of use for the treatment of various ailments. Most commonly used is the root, but leaves, flowers, bark, and fruit can also be implemented. For treating kidney disorder, the plant is uprooted, the roots are wash and clean and put to boil in a pot of water. It is drink as a tea and as a substitute to water or liquid intake. Drinking boiled water of makahiya roots help eliminate kidney stones.

  3. Banaba Leaves (Lagerstroemia Speciosa)

  4. Banaba is a medicine plant used in treating kidney disorder because it is a natural diuretic. And it has been found out that it is also good for treatment of diabetes mellitus and obesity. Preparation is very easy, just boil some leaves of the tree in a pot of water for half an hour and drink it as a tea or (when already cold) as a substitute for water or liquid intake. It tastes good unlike other herbal plants that taste bitter. If the plant is not available in your area, Banaba Tea is available also at supermarkets and pharmacies. Drinking Banaba Tea is also known to be effective in losing weight.

  5. Corn Silk

  6. Source: Wikipedia

    Stigma from female corn flowers, known popularly as corn silk, are sold as herbal supplements. Corn silk is also an effective diuretic. Corn silks are boiled and drink as tea or as a substitute to water or liquid intake just like the banaba and makahiya.

  7. Coconut Water

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    What could be more beneficial than drinking the purest water on Earth? Coconut water is considered the purest and the best drinking water in the world. It gives us lots of health benefits and helps cure numerous diseases. It has been proven that drinking coconut water helps cure kidney disorders. As a mater of fact, it is now being widely used in dialysis treatment of patients suffering from kidney troubles.

    When buying coconut, always choose the newly harvested one.

Base on the result of my urinalysis during our company’s annual medical check-up in November of the previous year, it was diagnosed that there are traces of crystals in my urine signifying I have kidney problems. So it was confirmed by then that the occasional swelling on my face and other parts of the body, although they’re not painful, and accompanied by periodic lower back pain, were symptoms of my having kidney problem.

Some medicine had been prescribed to me by the agency physician. After a week of taking medicine I decided to stop taking medicinal pill because I really don’t like the taste of it and its side effects. A friend of mine (which is a doctor) advice me to drink coconut water on a daily basis and alternate it with drinking boiled water of banaba leaves, makahiya roots and (if available) corn silk.

And so I did, after six months of continuous and alternately drinking these wonderful and natural medicines, it effectively eliminated all traces of crystals in my latest urinalysis. The swelling had disappeared and the lower back pain is gone as well.

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  1. Thanks for the wealth of information. I’ve never heard of some of these.

  2. there are lots of herbal medicines that really heal, thanks for sharing

  3. Very valuable info bro.

  4. A good article with lots of helpful tips

  5. Very useful info.

  6. I have drank the coconut water before, it’s not bad on a hot summer day.

  7. Natural medicine,there we go.Excellent article.

  8. Good article and I’m glad to hear that You’re doing better.

  9. Very informative,thanks for sharing!

  10. My cousin has a kidney disorder, I’ll make sure he read this article!

  11. …Hi there, this is great information,
    and most of all, the fact that you have
    been helped by these things is wonderful.
    Thank you.

  12. Great job, I really like this article. Where can I get Coconut water?

  13. If I could get coconut water and banana leaves I would certainly try it. I have been diagnosed with CKF and the only thing my docter tells me to do is eat low potassium, use no salt, and keep my blood pressure low. We only have coconuts during Xmas season, and I have never seen a banana leaf.

  14. My Dad is on kidney dialysis; has only one kidney. He is 85 years old. Would coconut water drink help him?

  15. yes it certainly will help,just make sure that the coconut is fresh,thanks

  16. Hi Nobert,

    Great article. I believe in going with natural medications as much as possible. I think people take too many medications. I would love to try coconut water.

  17. thank you very much for reading and commenting, i appreciate it very much more than words can say

  18. hi Sanjeev,
    coconut water can be given as a regular water intake,instead of pure water give coconut water,the same with banaba leaves,makahiya roots and corn silks,just boil them and give as egular drinking water,hope this helps.

  19. hi ieqa,
    you can post your queries here and i will try to answer them to the best i can,thanks and happy new year

  20. This is a very informative article. I have a narrowing of the ureter on the left side with a smaller kidney.This went unnoticed with no problems for 40 years. For the past 5 years I’ve had 2 temporary tubes inserted and removed after 6 months. Recently the Dr.says it’s best to remove that kidney. I prefer not doing so-but understand that it’s only functioning at 6%. Why would this condition wait so long to flair up? Thank you.

  21. thanx for the info..ive been searching for cheaper alternative in curing my kidney problems. my doctor advised me to take sambong capsules for five weeks.. after dat i don’t know if sumthing changed for i have not get another check up.. ill try the buko & check after amonth,,tnx

  22. Nice information, Thank, I try banaba for my daughter. thanks

  23. to all persons who tried to use the natural supplements or natural medicine, I believe that it help us to heal our deseases.

    AND GOD BLESS US ……………

    Norlyn Z. Jacob
    ( IV- year student )

  24. I am a living witness to a very effective herbal plant called banaba. You can see banaba plants anywhere here in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. I was alarmed before when I used to urinate 6-10 times every night or what we call nocturnal urination. Though it is normal to urinate at night, 6-10 times urination is already an abnormal state. I started to consult a physician to help me clarify what’s the abnormality all about. The doctor instructed me to have urinalysis and blood test and after the results, he said that everything is normal. I was not convinced with the opinion of the doctor, so I started to research what my abnormality all about. During that time i suspected that it was a kidney problem so I research on the herbal plants that are used to treat kidney disorders and i found out that Banaba, Sambong, Makahiya plant and coconut water are very effective in treating kidney disorders. Thanks to nature for having all these plants available to poor people like me. If you suffer the same problem, we have lots of banaba here and i am very willing to give for free those in need. You may contact me at 09055854626 or at (035) 225-7635. God bless us all.Its me Rolando Lara, Jr., Basak, Bais City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

  25. great! ill try one lower back is always in pain (pangangalay).And urine test is also normal. indeed, i end up in rehab for low back pain doctor told me its just mucsle spasm and im not convince.Im thinking that there someting wrong with my kidney so i need to try this one,nothing to lose anyways.TY

  26. I will drink coconut water and tnx for ur information.

  27. tnx sa info about sa herbs….

  28. i need more info ab’t medicinal plans

  29. Where I get coconut water

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