Eucalyptus Oil is Not Just for The Koala Bears!

The Australian indigenous peoples were the first people to discover the healing properties of eucalyptus tree, koala,

Australia marsupial herbivores, was actually the first mammal to be discovered eucalyptus leaves incredible. A koala spends

at least three of the five active hours eating the leaves of different varieties of eucalyptus leaves because they are low in

protein and rich in phenolic compounds are powerful antioxidants … is also rich in compounds of terpenes, which are

important components of essential oil of eucalyptus.

    Urinary builders have noted the impact of eucalyptus in the Koala, and

began to use the leaves to achieve health-wise. They used these types of antiseptics, insecticides, and aromas.

Almost three tonnes of eucalyptus oil are produced each year by China, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Spain and

Portugal. These countries generally produce three types of oil, depending on end use, but the most popular oil of eucalyptus

(Eucalyptus globulus) based version that has a spicy, camphor, cineol, smells and cool effect. The medical use of natural

fragrance oil is well known and the fortress that gives the immune system is regarded as essential in applications of


Eucalyptus oil has the ability to affect monocytes, a type of white blood cells are an important part of the human immune

system. Monocytes have two main functions: first to help start the defense system in which free radicals bind to the cells

and starts to hurt, and partly in response to inflammation and infection of the tissues, so that the immune system can

identify and separate cells and regenerate new cell growth.

Strengthened immune system is the basis for an active lifestyle and a prolonged life cycle in order to create an index of

Koala happy and healthy and enjoy the benefits of pure oil of eucalyptus part of your daily life!

While tea consumption of eucalyptus is a practice in some cultures, contain essential oil compounds that should not be

swallowed, and can cause harm if taken orally. The protocol for the use of aromatherapy fragrance is unique and only present

when diluted because of the awareness of naturally occurring substances in the oil concentrate. You should definitely stay

away from children and animals, that their systems are much more sensitive than the adult system.

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