Farting Is Healthy

Farting is healthy.

That stinky gas you release everyday is good for your health. Releasing waste is good for your health. If you keep the fart in your body you will feel sick. Farting is a form of getting rid of waste. The body is getting rid of gaseous waste when it farts. When you leave poop in your body for a long enough time, it will start growing bugs. This can lead to many illnesses. Its never good to hold in you farts, pee, and poop. The body wants to get rid of it for a reason. Holding in your pee can harm your bladder and kidneys. You can get kidney stones and peeing may become harder if you continuously hold it in. So avoid holding waste in, for it may cause some illnesses.

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  1. LOL!!! This made my day dude, thx.

  2. (Even though I know it’s true XP)

  3. There’s nothing to be shame about letting the gas out.

  4. Fun post.
    gimme your stuffs Cripp.

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