Fifteen Minute Lymphatic System Flush

This is a simple method to get the lymphatic system working properly. It works on the basis of body polarity or magnetism. Try this fifteen-minute experiment while relaxing.

This is a simple and remarkably effective lymphatic system flush that almost anyone can perform while resting. It is originally credited to a remarkable healer who came to the United States from Germany during World War II. Hanna Kroeger was a knowledgeable healer who wrote a number of books on the subject of radiesthesia, herbs, folk remedies and gentle manipulations to treat a variety of conditions.

This quick and easy lymphatic system flush was taught to me by one of her students, a man whose life she had saved with her remarkable healing methods. If your lymphatic system is not functioning properly, you will feel a sensation of something dropping from under your right hand as you perform this simple flush.

To do the lymphatic system flush, spread the fingers of your left hand, then place the palm of that hand behind your head where your skull and neck adjoin. Now, place your right hand firmly into your left arm pit. Relax and hold this position for fifteen minutes.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

It’s perfectly safe. You can do it as often as you like.

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  1. Great post!!..very informative article and well written piece..Well done and thanks for sharing.

  2. wow looks interesting enough, hey how do i distinguish between the beat of the hear and the falling sensation from the right hand?

  3. How will I know that my lymphatic system is not working properly?What are the benefits I will feel when I have flushed my lymphatic system using this method?

  4. Is okay to do this while in bed before sleeping?thanks

  5. This could be done almost any time or anywhere. Great article

  6. More content and insight would be good. I almost felt like this was a joke when i first read it. No offense. Please elaborate more.

  7. This was an excellent post. Thanks so much! Made all the difference for me.

  8. I tried it for a few minutes because I am at work…and I already feel a warm pleasant tingling throughout my upper shoulders.

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