For a Better Sex Life and for Better Health: a Daily Prostate Massage

You can increase your sexual response, enjoy mind blowing orgasms, and improve your general health by massaging your prostate every day. Prostate massages can become addictive. Most men have such satisfying orgasms during the massage that they massage their prostates several times every day. Nevertheless, at first, doctors recommend that you limit yourself to two to three internal massages a week with duration of 30 to 45 minutes each. Then you can adjust the number of massages to meet your comfort zone.

The main purpose of the prostate is to manufacture semen, but, when massaged properly, it can provide intense pleasure. The prostate in the male is the equivalent of the G-spot in the female. Massaging the prostate not only brings intense pleasure leading to orgasm, it promotes prostate health. More and more men are now massaging their prostate glands on a daily basis. How often can you find something that is good for your physical well-being that is also good for you?

Experience a 5 Minute Orgasm

Are 5 minute orgasm a fantasy or a reality? When performed correctly, prostate milking, or stimulation, can produce orgasms lasting up to 5 minute and as much as four times as strong as masturbation or sexual intercourse. Prostrate massages have been a part of holistic medicine for centuries.

Internal VS External Prostate Massage

Internal and external prostate massages can be equally stimulating and equally satisfying but they are performed for different reasons. The external prostate massage is the one you should start everyday out with. The purpose of the external massage is to increase the blood circulation to and through your prostate gland. A short morning external massage will keep the blood flowing freely through the prostate and the surrounding areas all day long. However, to receive maximum benefits from the external massage, you need to begin with internal massages. There are many different Internal Prostate Massage Devices to select from.

The internal, invasive massage technique is the most effective method, but many heterosexual men have a problem with things being inserted in their rectum. If you are one of those men, use an external massage device, like the Prostate Cradle External Massager.

Prepare the Prostate Massager

Begin by washing the internal massager, rectal syringe and lubricant applicators in warm, soapy water. Always wash them before and after each use. Clean the massager, syringe and lubricant applicators before you prepare your hot bath.

Nothing Beats a Bathtub

Nothing prepares your body for an internal prostate massage better than a long, hot soak in a bathtub. The hot water relaxes your anal ring and sphincter muscle and promotes increased blood flow to the perineum. After a long, hot soak in the bathtub, switch to the shower to rinse your body free of all soap. In the absence of a bathtub, take a long hot shower, applying plenty of hot water to the rectal area with a soft sponge or wash clothes.

While still standing in the shower, rinse your rectum out with warm water using the rectal syringe.

Be Liberal with the Lubricant.

Apply liberal coating of lubricant to the prostate massager. Apply about 5 ML of lubricant around and in the anus. Using a lubricant applicator makes this process much simpler and effective. The lubrication process is essential because the prostate massager works most efficiently when suspended in a fluid environment.

Performing the Prostate Massage

1.   Begin by lying down on your side on your bed. While keeping your bottom leg straight, draw you top leg up towards your stomach as far as you can.

2.   Gently insert the prostate massager in your anus for about 2/3rds its length. Position the handle between your buttocks. The handle is used only for inserting and removing the device. Do not use it to give yourself a manual massage.

3.   With the device inserted 2/3rds of the way up your anus, lie still and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. During this time your body will draw the device all the way inside your anus and the perineum abutment knob will press against the perineum acupressure point. This acupressure point is a dime size area of the perineum about 1 to 1 ½ inches from the anus, going towards the scrotum.

4.   Once your body has accommodated itself to the device, begin the exercise. Contract and relax your sphincter muscle slowly at least 30 times to produce good blood circulation in the anus and prostate gland. Remain as relaxed as possible during the exercise, synchronizing your breathing to the contracting and relaxing of your sphincter muscle. Your goal here is to work your way up to 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per session.

Exercise Schedule

You will have to discover your own schedule based on your comfort zone. Personally, I do the external massage every morning upon rising and the internal massage 4 or 5 times a week.

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