Forget About Revenge and Start Living Well

Living well may sound like the best revenge, however your vengeance may stop you from living well. Do you really want to stay a victim throughout this life?

 We have all heard people use the phrase “Living well is the best revenge”. This phrase is often used to get people to get past their anger and frustration at the actions of another that seems to be victimizing them. There is a glimmer of good advice in part of this statement “Living well is the best revenge”, however that glimmer is quickly doused in the statement’s entirety. If a person follows this statement and by some act of luck or divine providence actually gains a superficial appearance of a good life while they do not get past the “revenge” part they are still living in a state self imposed victimhood.


Living well means living in a state of well being in all areas of one’s life. The statement “Living well is the best revenge” seems to by proxy only be concerned with material concerns. These material concerns I am referring to are more than money and possessions. The material concerns in this case would also refer to such areas as surface temporal harmonious relationships or temporal good physical health. These latter two may be harder, although not impossible, to achieve in a “Living well is the best revenge” quest.


Any of these material concerns may be able to be maintained for a brief period of time well holding onto a notion of achieving them either consciously or unconsciously for purposes of revenge, however eventually the disease of revenge allow the manifesting in your life of some blockage of flow of what you desire coming to you. This spiritual (for lack of a better word) aspect of revenge can not be ignored. I am not referring to dogmatic karma or reward and punishment scenarios, simply that if you hold your focus on such a negative thing as revenge it interferes with well being in all other areas of your life.


What we must remember is that living well is the purpose of life and not something to do in vengeance because you feel someone or group has harmed you in some way. It is better to seek a life of well being for the purpose of living a life of well being and unburden yourself from thoughts of revenge that you may somehow later associate with your personal well being. Doing such a thing will never bring you a lasting well being. What must be done when you feel vengeful anger is work through your thoughts of anger and revenge as naturally as possible without it dragging you into some further turmoil.

Release any guilt you have about having thoughts of revenge then move past those thoughts into more constructive thoughts then to living a life of personal well being because it is what is best for you to do for yourself as opposed to being a reaction to another.


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  1. Very good suggestions and we all need to move forward to live happy

  2. A very good article. When you do wrong to others, the only person that you end up hurting is yourself. You should post this article on wikinut as well. My last two articles were cluttered with spam & offensive comments. I’m no longer writing for wikinut.

  3. A man who studies revenge keeps his own wounds fresh.

  4. good post

  5. Good article, something many readers need to heed. Rather than seek revenge, I’m more likely to go into myself and clam up, which is probable just as harmful healthwise!

  6. Good observation, Yes doing good to others will be rewarded, and treating them bad will result to bad Karma.

  7. Mark, I agree with that, don’t waste your time being vengeful to anyone. Wipe them out of you mind and go on with life.

  8. I entirely agree with you. Honestly I grew up with the feeling of revenge and I haven’t had from it only resentment.

  9. Happiness is a temporary bliss. Surely there must be another purpose we should aim for? Anyways, nice article, thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Mark Gordon Brown,

    Your so right! Revenge only stirs up unrest ,and probably illness in the heart and body. Thank you for my star page on Wikinut. I was happy just to expose bullying for those abused by it. The star page was the icing on the cake. Wikinut is a really nice site but I’m off to happier endeavors.

    Brenda Nelson is a good supportive friend of mine. I’m wondering if there’s any relation. She also lives on a farm and would know me as MM. Your a nice sort of fellow, and I really enjoyed reading your article on raising chickens. I remember you said that chickens were ” personable”. How cute!

  11. I saw the photo of you and Brenda on your page. You guys are awesome. Lovely photo. I love reading about your adventures on the farm. I’ve read a few of Brenda’s Helium articles and pet advice on WebAnswers. Say hi to Brenda for me.

  12. @salmontaste Happiness is the best that anyone can strive for and allow in their life, because when you strive for happiness and bliss that makes all that is better. All other goals are merely ego trips and blasphemies. If you understand what is meant by happiness and bliss you will understand this. It is a shame that people think things like suffering and denial are honarable, they are not, if there is such a thing as a sin then suffering and denial would be counted in them. Also by the nature of your question it can be gleaned that you are suggesting that our purpose in life is to aid that which is outside of ourselves, we simply can not do that affectively if we are not striving for our own bliss first. It is impossible.

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