Healing Crystals: Amethysts and Their Benefits

Amethysts are my favorite crystals. Their beautiful color is a pleasure to the eye and their benefits are numerous.

Amethyst comes from a Greek word that means “to be intoxicated” and were once thought to prevent drunkenness.  These beautiful stones are beneficial for a large number of problems and are among my favorite crystals.  They are rightfully called the healing stone due to the broad range of healthful benefits they offer.

Amethysts are associated with the following chakras:

  • Third Eye
  • Soma
  • Crown
  • Higher Crown

They are also linked to Aquarius and Pisces as well the the planets Jupiter and Neptune.  Amethyst crystals encourage selflessness and spiritual wisdom.  They are thought to enhance metaphysical abilities and are excellent stones for meditation and scrying because they open one to multidimensional awareness.

Sleeping with amethyst crystals aid in out of body experiences, help in dream recall and promotes visualization.  It guards against psychic attack by transmuting the negative energy into love.  Amethysts are effective natural tranquilizers.  They block negative environmental energy and harmonize the physical, mental and emotional and link them to the spiritual and purify the aura.

Amethysts are beneficial to the mind by calming or stimulating as appropriate.  They help you to feel more focused by enhancing memory and improving motivation.  This stone is also very helpful in balancing emotional highs and lows.

Amethysts are also helpful for relieving physical, emotional and psychological pain.  The reduce anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  The promote hormone production and balance the endocrine system and your body metabolism.  The are helpful in reducing headaches, bruising, swelling and skin problems.

Amethyst crystals are very durable with a hardness rating of seven.  They are very helpful for hearing disorders, lung problems, respiratory tract issues and related problems.  These stones have a sobering effect and help to overcome problems associated with overindulgence and addiction.  They help overcome insomnia and aid in the absorption of water.

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  1. Interesting, I’m find alternative healing fascinating. Great work!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. I love to learn about how different stones can improve out health. Great and important topic.

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