Healing Meditation

Meditation for healing. Deep relaxation technique for good health.

Most people would agree that good health is the most important part of life. Yet, many people get their life out of balance and when faced with a disease feel ill equipped to focus on healing and good health.  Regrettably, the mind/body connection to healing is not something the health care profession concentrates on providing a lot of information on.  However, there is not a pill to cure all things and learning to connect the mind to good health can be a key part of the recovery process.  Learning a technique to experience a healing meditation is conducive to good health.


A simple healing meditation to learn is to engage the mind in positive thinking.  When a negative thought or statement creeps into the mind or dialogue take the time to gently cancel the negative out and refill the space with a positive thought or statement.  For example when the mind engages in thinking how awful the pain is feeling, turn than into a thought of sending positive energy to the painful spot. Imagine a beam of white healing light being directed at the painful spot and the pain going away.


An exercise to learn a simple meditation is to lay or sit quietly and imagine a beam of light coming into the top of the head and washing down through the body.  As the light travels imagine each part of the body experiencing the healing light.  Imagine the light basking the forehead, eyes, nose, ears, and neck.  Then see the light travel throughout the neck, chest, heart, lungs, shoulders, elbows, hands, each finger and then come back up the arms.  Repeat this process for the entire body in a leisurely fashion.  If the mind wanders start the process over again.  Concentrating on each part of the body enables the mind to stay focused and attentive to the meditation and relaxation process.  Using an example of white healing light is one example.  Others can be beams of sunshine, cleansing rain washing away the disease or sieve filtering out impurities from the body.

A person can choose what seems comfortable and right for their situation and body.


This simple meditation will enable a deep feeling of relaxation and calmness to permeate the body and enhance healing. 

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