Health Benefits of Drinking Your Urine

Do you feel disgusted on the very thought of it? The fact that urine therapy has proved to cure a no. of illnesses is yet to be revealed by medical science.

It is true that the waste content of our body is expelled in the form of urine and feces.  But they do have the property to cure illnesses, cosmetic uses and could be used as manure for your garden.  Urine Therapy or Urotherapy is an Alternative Medicine that were used by people of the ancient times in China, Egypt, France, India, Mexico and Rome.

Benefits of Urine Therapy

  • Though there are no medically proven health benefits, it is revealed Urine therapy cures adrenal failure, arthritis, candida, cancer, diabetes, eye infection, eczema, hepatitis, herpes, infertility, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. 
  • Very effective in treating sore throat and mouth ulcers by gargling or rinsing your mouth with urine.
  • A warm urine footbath is helpful in curing fungal infections and a good relief for tired feet.  Soak your feet in urine for 30 – 40mins everyday and you would notice the difference.
  • A natural hair nourisher for thick hair growth and free from dandruff.  Massage urine into your hair and scalp.  Leave it for an hour and then rinse it with plain water. 

In Rome, it was a tradition where urine was used for teeth whitening.  In India, apart from medication fresh and concentrated urine was used for body massaging to nourish the body.  It is believed that french women back in the 17th century, used to take bath in urine to have a supple skin.

Some of you would have heard about Martha M Christy, who is an alternative health therapy consultant, author and medical research writer.  A lady who was diagnosed with a no. of health complications and where medical science had failed to treat her.  As a last resort, Martha switched over to urine therapy with the help of her husband, who came across a book about the miracle health benefits of urine.  She felt a lot of relief from day one and was completely cured of her illness, including restoring her thick hair growth which was lost after her 5th surgery.  Martha was so inspired that she wrote a book Your own Perfect Medicine

Ugh!  I know it is disgusting to drink your own urine.  But when pain is unbearable and doctors have washed their hands, urine therapy could be the last alternative that could give the patient some relief.


  • Do not use soap immediately after applying for better results.
  • For each illness there is a specific dosage to be taken in urine therapy.  Try to get a book or online guide from recommended source.
  • As urine is a concentrate of chemicals and waste expelled from our body, we should be cautious not to over do things especially in treating serious illnesses like cancer.

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  1. I’m hoping it will never be the last alternative theraphy. I’ll probably die trying to find out another way to find a cure lol. It’s a mental challenge for me.^_^

  2. I have read that late Mr. Morarji Desai, Indian independence activist and the Prime Minister of India from 1977–79 used to do this. Great share.

  3. Very informative post Jewelstar…. but…. but… I don’t want… I don’t want….not even babies’ urine…
    I will have a lot of supply because I always have a lot of output… but what’s the point of releasing them and then put back…haha…
    so interesting…

  4. An interesting therapy.

  5. it sounds a little extreme.

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  7. Unique form of curing but OH! LOL! :-)
    Nice Share

  8. That was definitely an eye-catching title. You did some really interesting research. I did not realize that urine could be useful for so many things. I never thought that you could put urine in your mouth. Thank you for sharing this very interesting information with us.

  9. Sounds good but I don’t think it tastes great!!LOL Nice information though. Heard that before but thanks but no thanks or maybe I’ll try it later hahaha. I enjoyed reading this really.

  10. This is interesting. Urine, fresh urine that is, is a good antiseptic but for drinking?

  11. interesting information

  12. I have heard of cow urine beverage being sold somewhere.

  13. im glad i dont have any of those health problems…yet

  14. I had not heard about this as an alternative medicine before. I don’t know if I could do it though

  15. I now unconditionally believe that drinking your own urine cures any and all illnesses you’re suffering from and I’m a living witness to that because with urine therapy I’m no longer suffering back pain, arthritis (gaut) and my athlete’s foot problem dried up and gone. I also have convinced a weak and haggard-looking friend suffering from type II diabetes to undergo urine therapy and for just 5 days, his pale appearance became apparently reddish, could easily get up from a couch and could already walk around without the help of a cane.

  16. I have a relative by affinity who is suffering from diabetes II and I have convinced him that drinking his own urine could cure or help cure his illness. He started drinking a glass of his early morning midstream urine. After only 5 days, he already noticed that he is no longer pale but his face and hand were a bit reddest. But the second week, he complained that his sugar soared up to more that 200 from somewhere he stopped the idea. Question? – is the rising up of his sugar count natural effect or an adverse effect? Does he really have to stop or continue the treatment?

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