Health Benefits of Garlic – Eating Garlic on Empty Stomach?

Garlic is a powerful anti-oxidant and has been found healthy for your body. Garlic not only adds flavor and taste to the food, but is jam packed with loads of health benefits.

I think most most of us don’t like the taste of garlic as I do. Yet, its the excellent medicine to a healthy you. Garlic have tons of health benefits. 

A good rule of thumb is to chew some garlic whenever you feel stressed or ill, they don’t have any side effects – yet they are very much healthy and benefit you and your immune system.

Health benefits of Garlic

  1. Eating garlics fried in ghee will help relieve gastric.
  2. If you’re suffering from Cholera. boil the garlics and drink the water. This will help to decrease your pain.
  3. Eat garlics with your food, to increase your digestion power and control your high cholesterol levels.
  4. If you have wounds resulting from bites of any insects, dogs or snakes, apply the paste of garlics to heal them fast.
  5. Garlics should NOT be taken in empty stomach. This way, you’ll increase the risk of acidity.
  6. Garlics do no harm in any diseases nor create any side effects (other than bad breath of course). They are quite beneficial to give instant relief from common cold, flu and stomachache.
  7. Garlics are BELIEVED to repel VAMPIRES and BATS. Yet, there’s sufficient scientific proof that they repel mosquitoes.
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  1. Nice post, interesting part about the vampire and bats parts :) cheers!

  2. Over here, we put a lot of garlic when we make soup.

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