Health Tips: Correct Timing of Water Intake

Correct timing to intake water will maximize its effectiveness to human body.

  • Two (2) glasses of water intake 30 minutes before meal helps proper digestion.
  • Drinking one (1) glass of water every time you wake up helps activate your internal organs.
  • Drinking one (1) glass of water before sleep is good to avoid stroke or heart attack at midnight.

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  • Drinking one (1) glass of water after taking a bath helps lower blood pressure.
  • Drinking water slowly is better than drinking fast to let your body absorbs more water.
  • Drinking water in the morning is better than drinking coffee, tea, soda and juice. This helps cleanse your stomach and intestines.
  • It is advisable to drink water after every drinking of juice, tea, coffee or soda.

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  1. Just want to know the reasons for those tips on the timing of drinking water. Thanks.

  2. Hi , I realy thankfull to u cos u give me tips realy effective so plzz send me more tips n also homemade viagra n other power full food n juice for my body n health thanks . azam

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