Herbal Solutions for Stroke Victims

Emergency treatment can include herbal remedies to alleviate a stroke.

Strokes strike silently and are deadly. Sufferers must act quickly to avoid permanent damage caused by blood clots that inhibit blood flow to the brain. At the first sign of a stroke call 911 or emergency medical personnel. Signs of a stroke may be recognized the onset of a sudden headache, numbness in the arms or legs and can progress to one side of the body, slurred speech, blurred vision. These symptoms could last up to twenty minutes.

Emergency treatment of a stroke can include medications prescribed by your doctor, aspirin or herbal remedies like cayenne pepper and garlic. Cayenne pepper and garlic can quickly alleviate a stroke by thinning the blood much in the same way aspirin does. These remedies cannot dissolve the offending blood clot that is blocking the flow of blood to your brain so it is important to seek medical treatment right away.

Prevention and regular checkups with your personal physician are the most effective methods of preventing strokes. Proper diet, which includes garlic, cayenne pepper and fish will aid in preventing strokes. Fish contains omega-fatty acids which provide your body with powerful anti-clotting agents. Supplements are available to ensure that you ingest a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Natural food sources include: cold water fish, kale, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, supplements and flaxseed.

Garlic lowers cholesterol, but should not be taken if your are currently taking any blood thinning or cholesterol lowering medications prescribed by your doctor. Cayenne pepper, drunk as a tea is a great emergency herbal remedy for strokes. Talk with your doctor before using either cayenne pepper or garlic to avoid drug interactions with any prescribed medications.

Lowering your cholesterol and fat intake is a good preventive measure to take to eliminate some of the risk factors for strokes. Having your blood pressure checked regularly by your physician can help detect problems early, before they happen.

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