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To date could not be ascertained since when dispensing and drinking herbal traditions emerge. But this tradition is believed to have run hundreds or even thousands of years. Dispensing and drinking herbal tradition goes back to the period of Hindu-Javanese kingdom. This is evidenced by the inscription Madhawapura from Majapahit who called the profession of ‘artisan Jamu’ called Acaraki.

Herbal medicine has been known for centuries in Indonesia, which was first recognized in the herbal palace or the palace in Djokjakarta and Kasunanan Sultanate of Surakarta.

Ancient herbal recipe only known among the royal palace and not allowed out of the palace. But along with the changing times, the people alone who have a modern palace, they began to teach the public Jamu herbs growing outside the palace so far not only in Indonesia but only up to overseas.

For Indonesian people, Jamu is a recipe handed down from his ancestors in order to be maintained and developed.

Herbal ingredients taken from plants in Indonesia either from roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, and bark.

Since time immemorial, Indonesia has been known for its wealth, fertile soil with an assortment of plants stretch wide.

Fertile land with a wealth of plants greatly affects the lives of the people of Indonesia because they depend on nature in his quest to fulfill a variety of needs. Tillage, crop harvesting, natural processes not only produce food, but also a variety of useful products for health and beauty treatments.

Our ancestors used a recipe made from leaves, roots and tubers for health and cure diseases, as well as other preparations that provide beauty treatments complete face and body. This mixture of traditional herbs known as Herbal.

In large cities there are professional herbalist carrying around peddling herbal medicine as a healthy and refreshing drink. Besides herbs are also manufactured in factories by large companies such as medicinal herbs Fountain, Nyonya Meneer or Djamu Djago.

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