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A 2006 book about home remedies and cures, has caused some heated debate. Some believe this to be all about how to maintain good health, whilst others have claimed it to be a rip-off.

Revealing The Truth About Home Remedies and Cures

A challenging publication concerning home remedies and cures, has caused folks to take a closer evaluation of the products they use every day.

Having earlier published the contentious, number-one New York Times best seller “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About,” Kevin Trudeau, has written his subsequent, equally controversial book.

This further book, similar to the original, examines the averse influences on end user health, brought on by the items that are generated by the large food and drug providers and their concealment of facts approach to the manufacturing processes.

Referred to as “More Natural ‘Cures’ Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease”, the guidebook offers material the Federal Trade Commission previously censored from the initial guidebook, together with new information on how to maintain good health.

The Food and Drug Administration and FTC, as outlined by Kevin Trudeau, maintain an investment in the multinational firms, as opposed to concerning themselves with the health of your regular customers.

These kinds of suggestions have garnered for Trudeau, the questionable accolade to get referred to as probably the most courageous business and government informer in recent history. There is a potential that he might end up in trial over this publication.

Utilizing lots of instances of folks working with alternative treatments for their health concerns, with success, is the author’s solution to his critics.

The following are just some of the contents of the book.

*Detailed information of twenty of the common questions pertaining to the first book.

*A number of facilities and licensed health workers from around the globe are displayed with total communications information.

*Basic consumables and the illnesses that they have the ability to remedy, as effective alternative medicine.

Other Opinions

Regardless whether you benefit from a book, may just come down to your general curiosity about a particular field. No one can tell anyone else if they will enjoy a book or otherwise. All things considered it’s down to the reader at the time.

The booklet “More Natural ‘Cures’ Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease” by Kevin Trudeau, a mouthful of a title, has built a whole mess of grievances ever since being released. There are a number of claims of outright fraud.

There has been a great deal of finger-pointing in Trudeau’s direction and accusations of the publication being a fake, or even overall deception. Most assessments about Kevin Trudeau’s publication, have a tendency to give full attention to his more notorious past, that is indeed colorful.

The New York State Consumer Protection Board gave a warning in 2005 that the book “does not contain the ‘natural cures’ for cancer and other diseases that Trudeau is promising.”

The majority of folk having gone out and purchased the publication, found that it is not very acceptable, or it’s a downright scam. There is also a great volume of commotion being produced that, before you can actually obtain the “Secrets” propounded by the author, one must first pay a monthly registration cost to be able to enroll in his web site “club”.

An excess volume of advertising campaigns is an additional objection. These ads all directing readers towards the registration. For anyone having purchased the booklet, with a serious desire for information of this sort, whether individually or for friends and family, it has actually been called a terrible jest.

A simple query on Wikipedia presents an extensive page of Mr. Trudeau’s adventures, all fairly shady. In the sales page for the publication in Amazon, the “Customer Reviews” don’t seem to be extremely complementary, either. When it comes to the segment “About the Author”, it includes “Labeled with a learning disability at an early age…”. Possibly, this could be modified to “an ethical disability..”.

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  1. I do believe that are some natural remedies to illnesses but cant some of these remedies make it worst?

  2. When it comes to natural remedies or home remedies, you must consider the source that the remedy comes from first. You must be careful about what you ingest or put onto your skin, hair,etc. If I see a remedy that I think maybe able to help me, I first research it to the limit. Just be careful because you may have an allergic reaction, so please research before using.

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