Home Remedies for Chafing

It is no wonder that a lot of people search for home remedies for chafing as it is one of the uncomfortable results of irritation. Chafing is caused by friction such as the one that happens when you walk or rub your hands together.

It does not have to be skin rubbing skin; some clothing can also cause chafing especially in humid weather. Chafing can happen to anyone, but overweight people are more likely to suffer from it. If you have it now or you would like to prevent it, then here are a few home remedies for chafing.

Humidity Is The Problem

It is much easier to get chafing when the weather is humid, but humidity as a weather condition is not a necessary factor. The reason that chafing can happen even in dry heat is that your body can produce humidity when you sweat. That means that to prevent chafing you need to keep yourself dry. Home remedies for chafing that accomplish that are corn starch and baking soda. Corn starch as a home remedy, is probably the better of the two because it absorbs moisture and unlike some over the counter products it does not clump. That means that you can be both active and comfortable at the same time.


The corn starch solution is great to prevent chafing, but what if you already have it? If you want home remedies for chafing once your skin has been affected then you need to look at your food counter. A mix of oatmeal and olive oil can give you some fast relief for chafed skin. Place the mix on the skin for about 20 minutes and repeat the next day if necessary. While chafing is affecting you wear lose fitting clothes instead of form fitting. If the chafing lasts more than a few days you can make an appointment with your doctor.     

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