Homeopathy is Nonsense or Real

Fever, runny nose, cough, headache or flu, we want to be healthy as soon as possible. If not visit a doctor, at our best, we prescribe a cough drop and put the worst preventive antibiotics, try to stay in bed at least a day or two, trying the best homemade recipes and hot herbal, preferably with a good dose of brandy. At the mention of homeopathy, it shakes your vital force and just helps you, at least not as quickly as we needed. What is homeopathy and how does it work?

There are plenty of skeptics who doubt that in those sweet balls sold in pharmacies are really any molecules of active substances, and consider it a mere placebo to be effective. But no one doubts about miracles, faith, and that can auto-suggestion. Why not doubt that such are treated similarly?

Homeopathy is a complete healing system based on the principle of similarity. Similarly treated like – “similia similibus curantur”. In practice this means that if a healthy person take a couple of balls of belladonna (Atropa belladonna), very soon he feel the rush of heat, it begins to throb in his head, he will have a dry mouth, there will be unpleasant delirium and hallucinations, irritability states, There will also be facial flushing, and above all the staring and dilated pupils, which is the most typical symptom of intoxication. These symptoms often occur at such a fever patient to ingest any beads belladonna. So why, in this case, try to bring in the form of belladonna properly diluted homeopathic medicine?

In other words: a substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person, in very small quantities I can cure the same symptoms.

A German physician Samuel Hahneman (1755 – 1843) tested a number of different substances, including plants, animals, and minerals and determine their optimal dilutions. Eventually it was discovered and tested that in much more active substances from which it is possible to prepare a homeopathic remedy. Practically it is possible to prepare a homeopathic remedy from absolutely anything. It used a variety of bacteria, even the cancerous tissue or secretions and a large number of poisons. The amount of dilution in these substances completely safe and there were no adverse effects.

Homeopathic medicines are sold mostly in the form globules, tinctures and ointments. Most of them are freely salable. 

 Homeopathy treats the whole person patient, not just the symptoms of the disease. The most commonly used to treat chronic diseases. It also helps to relieve various mental blocks and trauma. Drugs are prepared in the low and high dilution, which is true, that the psychological symptoms rather choose a higher dilution, the lower the natural.

Drugs acting on the subtle level, so that their effects do not even know. It is important to choose the right medicine.

The homeopathic treatment is usually recommended to avoid addiction, irritant and stimulant substances, tobacco and toothpastes, gums or sweets containing menthol. Some sources also warned against electromagnetic radiation. List of all homeopathic medicines and basic symptoms can be found in the Book of Materia Medica, which is considered the bible of homeopathy.

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