How Dancing and Jamming to Music Can Help You Stop Smoking

Music is a wonderful stress reliever. Listen to your favorite music at an hour you wish to light a cigarette.

Music is a wonderful stress reliever. Listen to your favorite music at an hour you wish to light a cigarette. If you are at work and it’s your lunchtime or coffee break, put on your headphones, switch on your iPod and stay tuned to music. It’s pointless to suggest the type of music to listen to since taste varies between people. The only thing I would recommend is to listen to something that is soft and uplifting. Whenever you get the urge to smoke, your body is telling you that you need to relieve stress. Calm music usually has a therapeutic effect on your mood. The good thing about music is you aren’t disturbing others. This means you can ease your tensions without bothering the people around you.


Meditate Your Way To Success

Meditation is one of the best methods to gain better control over you mind, body and spirit. Once you are able to gain control of your mind you can quite easily get over your addiction to smoking. You have to make sure you are meditating right for it to work effectively for you. Meditation isn’t something you do once; you have to practice it regularly to notice its benefits. The more you meditate the more rewards you reap for practicing. This is an effective method but takes patience, persistence, and practice. Now let’s digress a bit from our topic as I give you a few essential tips and advices on how to meditate.

In order to heal yourself through meditation you must realize its objective. The basic idea behind meditation is not to cut out all the forces around you but to become one with them. During meditation people are often found to detach themselves from the sight and sound of nature. Some even plug their ears with cotton to shut out sounds. This violates the very objective of meditation. On the contrary I recommend you to focus on the sounds around you. The simplest method of mediation that you could practice by yourself would be to sit in a very comfortable position with your eyes closed. As your mind drifts, meditation teaches you how to focus. Certainly this is a gradual process that improves with each practice.

First listen to the bigger sounds around you like the traffic .You can listen to even loud music from your neighbor’s apartment. Then listen to the softer sounds like the drone of the refrigerator, or the air conditioner. Your focus should be to register in your eardrums gradually from the gross to the minutest of sounds around you. Finally bring your attention to the sound of your own breathing. You’ll be able to do this after considerable practice. Meditation is about focus and having control over your body so once you are able to achieve this you will have much better control over fighting against your urges to smoke.

During meditation your eyes should be closed. You should try to visualize a picture in your head. Concentrate yourself on a self-conceived image; say that of a flame of a lighted candle or a single flower on a plant. Your challenge would be to keep yourself deeply focused and thoroughly concentrated on a single image for the maximum amount of time. It won’t be easy in the beginning, the image will blur immediately only to be replaced by something else. Be patient and diligently work on it. Gradually you will be able to focus your mind on the same image for more than ten minutes.

Once you have reached this stage and have begun to practice it without fail, you know that you have reached your goal. This will boost your mental strength to gain control over your mind. This means the next time you get an urge to smoke, wherever you are, close your eyes and meditate. By the time you open your eyes not only will you find your urge driven away but yourself elevated as well.

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