How to Crack Your Entire Back to Relieve Stress and Pressure Correctly Lying Down

Do you feel stressed out or feel the need to pop your back. Learning to pop your back correctly may be good if you never have popped your back. This makes the world of a difference.Many people never go to a chiropractor or has never popped their back their entire life. This process relieves stress in your upper and lower back.Now, if you follow these simple instructions, you will be relieved of some anxiety and stress and you will feel a lot better than you feel at this moment.

How to pop your back with a Friend

This is a simple and easy process. The only thing that you need is another person to assist you and about 3 to 5 minutes of your time. This process will relive pressure in the back of the neck.If you have had any former back problems I consider seeing a physician.

Step 1 To pop someones back the correct way, you would have to tell the person to lay face down on the ground.

Step 2 Next, you will have to tell the person to spread their arms all the way apart way from the body. This position look like when Jesus died on the cross.

Step 3 You will need to spread your feet apart and stand directly over the persons back that is lay on their belly with their face to the either side in order to pop the persons back.

Step 4 Next, you will have to tell that person to take a couple of breaths in and out.

Step 5 When you are ready, tell the person laying down to take a deep breath in. When they breath out you will have to place your hands on their lower back in the center.

Step 6 Use your palms to press against the abdomen to the top of the shoulder.

Step 7 Repeat the same process from the upper body to the lower body. When this happens you will hear the back pop in every spot. Remember sometimes the back will only pop in certain spots.

Tips when press the back use firm pressure

I only get my back popped once a year. Remember this is not an everyday thing. If this does not work try a variet of back popping methods with the e-book.

How to Crack your Back Independently

Step 1 You will need to sit upright in a chair. Next, you will need to find a chair with two arms so you can grasp until you can lean your head back until it pops. Make you are close to a wall if your chair falls.

Step 2 Now, you will need to do a twist so you can crack your spinal cord. Now, you will need to sit on the floor with your knees bending and your leg tucked under your body.You will need to place your left foot to the right of your right leg. Next, you will need to place your right arm to your left leg. Now, you will need to turn to the left to and you will be able to pop your back.

Step 3 You should lie face down and keep your legs on the ground. Now, you will need to turn your body until it is supported by your left shoulder. Now, you will need to reach behind you until you hear your back pop. Now, you will need to repeat on the right side.

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