How to Deal with Runny Nose?

Cold and wet, windy and snow – this is the time of fever. And whether or running nose is stuffy, runny nose is always more than unpleasant.

Many are asking – how best to deal with this situation. The main board, which gives Michael Yauman physician specializing in ear-nose-throat, it is – best helps harden:

“I think today, and one time, it is very important – to be tempered by frequent change of cold and heat, as it improves the protection of the skin, mucosa, respectively, from external influences. Ie – escape, even if it is cold. In the bathroom you run a little warm after a cold shower. And – keep moist nasal mucosa.

People who see that it is run cold, it is recommended to rinse their nose with saline solution, or also – in the evening before bedtime to make a steam bath – again with saline. So not only will wet nose – hot air kill viruses and other stimuli.

And one more advice from the experts – dress warm enough, cold feet are fatal. And if you attack, however, runny nose, Dr. Yauman recommended in any case use of nasal drops or spray accordingly.

“With nose drops and will prevent further occurrence of inflammation, as if the nose is completely filled, the risk of spread of pus discharge naturally increase.”

Surprising advice of the doctor most likely is the following – blow the nose is not advisable. Since the mucus that forms a protective layer against dirt in the nose and causing disease, usually comes down then in the throat.

“It moves from the tip of the nose to the throat. Then in the esophagus reaches the stomach, where it is neutralized. If you blow your nose – naturally work against this principle.” While it is not very decent to make public places, Dr. Yauman recommended for infection rather be snorted, rather than blowing your nose. “This is my advice you always give to patients – to their surprise.”

If you do decide to fuck your nose, then in no case do it in linen cloth, as it quickly becomes a catapult of bulls and spread infection. And another thing – if the fever persists weeks or more must at all costs to contact your physician.

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  1. great tips…

  2. i completely agree with you anjalina, this article is so helpful. runny nose is probable the most common form of bad health in this day and age. this article will help anyone who reads it. simply beautiful work. thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. Great runny nose post. Keep up the good work.

  4. “If you do decide to fuck your nose, then in no case do it in linen cloth”

    Decide to fuck your nose? You know when you SHOULDN’T trust a dodgy medical site.

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