How to Make Cayenne Tincture

Be prepared to wage war on the common cold this season with an effective weapon. I use Cayenne Tincture, an all-round remedy for every miserable cold symptom from chills to congestion. The burning hot compound in cayenne peppers is called capsaicin, and its intense heat is a wonderful healing agent.

Cayenne Tincture is taken in minute quantities but produces powerful results. It has a stimulating effect on our circulation, and increased circulation in an affected part will result in relief during a cold. A half-teaspoon of cayenne tincture in 4 ounces warm water will quickly bring warmth– when chills are present– and act as a decongestant. Gargling with a little cayenne will numb a sore throat on the spot. Fever is another symptom that is helped with cayenne. As contradictory as this sounds, it’s true! Fight heat with heat. Cayenne is known as a diaphoretic herb, that is, its heat produces a strong sweating response. This causes the body to release the excess heat, thus bringing down fever.

So, just how is this amazing remedy made? Simple. There is no mystery or complex instructions. Only three items are necessary– a wide-mouthed jar with a tight lid, cayenne peppers and what herbalists call a menstruum. A menstruum means a solvent which draws beneficial compounds from a solid. The three most common solvents are alcohol, apple cider vinegar and glycerin. The solvent of choice is alcohol for its ability to extract all beneficial components including the fats, resins and alkaloids. It is one of the best preservatives around and the body readily absorbs it. 100% proof alcohol is used, that is, 50% alcohol and 50% water. Any spirit that has this combination can be used.

If using dried cayenne peppers, make certain these are at least 100,000 heat units. The employee in the produce department can find this out for you, Quality powdered cayenne will have the number of heat units indicated on the label.

Now you’re ready to begin! Stuff dried peppers to the neck of a clean jar, or half way up if using powder. Pour alcohol over cayenne up to the neck. The herb must be completely covered. Put lid on and tighten. Shake gently and store in a dark place for at least a month. The longer the better. Once a day, give the jar a gentle shake. At the end of four to six weeks, strain your tincture through a cheesecloth and squeeze all of the beneficial tincture as possible. Be sure to wear rubber gloves. Re-bottle and label in smaller recipients, preferably amber bottles. This tincture will keep indefinitely.

Experiment with the wonderful product you’ve made. Learn all about its applications and virtues. My family is never without Cayenne Tincture. The common cold will definitely have a fight on its hands this winter.

Disclaimer: this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the cousel of your primary caregiver.

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