How to Relax

Here, I present to you some tips that could help you in the moments where you need all your ways! On this part of my guide( Tips for Overcoming Shyness ), I explain you how use BREATHING to relax.

A few weeks ago, I presented the new technology development, nasal injection, cure shyness. Today, I present to you a few more trying things at this time. So, without further delay, here they are :

Four tricks to try to calm, at home, with breathing :

  1. Put you on a hard surface (floor, carpet yoga…). Grab you. Your legs should be slightly out – your feet must be towards your hips. Place your arms on the sides of sort to be comfortable.
    Place a pillow under your knees so that your back is flat on the floor.
    Now place your hands on your belly, on your belly button. Your arms should be relax, your elbows comfortably laid on the ground. Close your eyes.
    Blow through the nose to clear your lungs of air then inspired by the nose allowing your belly to swell. Feel the movement which is down your and back.
    Repeat this exercise about 10 times.
  2. Stay long to flat on the back and place your hands on your ribs, your elbows still remaining on the ground.
    Blow the nose; you feel your hands closer, and then breathe through the nose swelling the chest; you feel your hands to depart.In this exercise, your abdoment does not work. Repeat this exercise ten times or more, as it suits you.
  3. Still lying on the ground, put this time your hands on your clavicles (shoulder). Empty your lungs by breathing through the nose and then always inspire through the nose as if you want to bring your sternum more near your chin.
    This time, it is the top of your chest which arises because it is the top of your lungs that is filled with air.
    Made attention not contract or raise your shoulders. Blow the nose; your chest drops. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  4. Without changing your position on the ground, now try to breathe through the nose by combining the three types of breaths (Exercise 1, 2, 3).When the three previous exercises are mastered perfectly.To do this, place a hand on your belly, the other at the level of your ribs. You will feel your abdoment raise as your ribs will depart and inflates your rib cage.When your lungs are filled, blow gently through your nose and repeat the exercise several times.What is very important, and which needs to be done, is that you must follow inspirations and expirations smooth, without the contract. Relax you. You are of takes time relaxing. Nothing press.The air must go come naturally, enter and leave without forcing you: provide not blow. Breathe quietly.

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