How to stay healthy with nutrition : 11 health benefits of lemon balm

Lemon balm, or commonly called Melissa, is a kind of herb that is mostly cultivated in Southern Europe and in the Mediterranean.

The name Melissa comes from it’s scientific name in botany. The scientific name of lemon balm is Melissa Officinalis. It is called lemon balm since it smells like lemon.

Lemon balm can be cultivated in wide range of climate conditions. However,it is mostly cultivated in mild temperature zones. It also needs winter mulch and sandy soil to survive. Lemon balm leaves are used in herbal medicine for various diseases and conditions. Not only the leaves but also the stems and flowers of lemon balm are used in herbal medicine.

This article is about the benefits of lemon balm leaves in herbal medicine world. Lemon balm is taken in the form of tea.

This is a great list of benefits of lemon balm:

  • It is used as sedative in the treatment of depression.It is used to minimize the effect of depression.
  • It is notably effective against the herpes virus
  • It lessens the effect of stomach gas and cramps.It has also antispasmodic effect on the stomach.
  • According to the researchers,lemon balm leaves have antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • It is used in the treatment of thyroid.
  • It is used to treat flu.
  • It is used to lower blood pressure
  • It is used in the treatment of insomnia and indigestion.
  • It improves the memory.
  • It is used to release hormones in the body.
  • It is somehow connected with Grave’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

If you have a sleeplessness problem,or insomnia, I strongly to recommend to drink lemon balm tea.

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  1. Interesting and informative, although could have done with a bit more detail.

  2. need more scientific reasoning

  3. Exactly how does it work on treating all of these ailments?

  4. Thanks for the info!

  5. it also makes you sleepy which means you shouldn’t drink during work hours ;)

  6. I just Love Lemon Balm. Its truly a fantastic herb, this page is nice it pretty much sums up everything I\’ve learned so far about it. Its a wonderful Night herb, makes a beautiful cup of tea, and it is also very affordable.

  7. I moved about a year ago onto a street called Lemonbalm and this past weekend I was going through my front garden, the previous owners turned the entire front area into an enormous garden full of different plants trees and flowers. Well, little did I realize that right in the front is a lovely patch of Lemon Balm. THe reason why I didn’t see it before is cause the previous owners harvested the plants before they moved out. Its amazing what you find in your own yard

  8. “It is somehow connected with Grave’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.”
    It might be important to determine how it is connected to these horrible diseases. Just a thought.

  9. Very interesting and informative! I knew it smelled great but didn’t realize it had all these other benefits too. Great article!

  10. Healthy advices,thank you.

  11. Interesting…

  12. I would love to know the connection with Alzheimer’s, my maternal grandmother had it and my father has it, I am vunerable to genes on both sides, maybe I should drink it. Interesting.

  13. very informative thanks

  14. Hm, very interesting article. Did you know this plant is extremely easy to grow, requires no maintenance and spreads like wild fire. I have had it for years and loved the smell, but never knew what to do with it. Turns out that I could use it for several of the symptoms the plant helps alleviate. Thanks!

  15. where can i find lemon balm here in the Philippines?

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