How to Use Crystals for Weight Loss

The crystals you wear in jewelry provide many health benefits. You can also carry them in your pockets, place them under pillows, make gemstone elixirs for health and use them other ways.

How do you use crystals for weight loss? Gemstone spheres and clusters are placed around homes and used many ways for healing effects. Some gemstones help to suppress hunger and reduce cravings. Others increase metabolism and others help to cleanse the body and remove toxins. Crystals are also used to increase positive vibrations in a home. Arrange crystal clusters and spheres around your home to purify the atmosphere. Many people keep gemstones near their computers or on their living room tables. You can wear these crystals as jewelry, carry them with you as touch stones, make crystal elixirs with them, keep them under your pillow or next to your bed, attach them to clothing, hats or headbands, keep them on your desk and add them to key rings, picture frames and dolls. Healing crystals can be placed directly on a troubled area, used to shine light on the area, used to massage the area or applied as a gemstone elixir.

You can use one or more gemstones at the same time. Shine light through a crystal on any part of your body that needs help for a healing effect. Tape the gemstone over your pancreas for help controlling your weight. Lie down and place the gemstone on your stomach or abdomen. You can also rub the crystal all over your body including your head. You can use the gemstone in a therapeutic or acupressure massage. Put the gemstones under your pillow at night. Carry the gemstones in your purse or pocket. You can find amethyst mats online that people lie on for healing. Hold your healing gemstones and imagine yourself being healthier.

You can transfer the vibrations of a gemstone into spring water by making a crystal elixir. The gemstone elixirs are also called remedies or essences. To make a crystal remedy put a clean crystal in a clear glass bowl, jar or other container. Add enough distilled water to cover the gemstone. Then set the container near a window for 12 to 24 hours. You can also program the crystal by holding it in your right hand and trying to focus your intent into the stone or hold your right hand over the elixir to transfer your intent into the liquid. You can use the elixir internally or externally. You can dampen a cloth with it and use it as a compress. You can drink the elixir, make herb tea with it, put it on your skin or hair, put it in lotions, put it in your bath water, bathe any part of your body in it and water your plants with it.

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