Many views of one who says science is the science that uses hypno other forces when hypno is pure science at its general if you want to know more about hypnotheraphy can post here

Some cases can be treated with hypnotheraphy is trauma or mental injury, phobias, weight gain, stress, kecemasa, not confident, and etc.

Hypnotherapy is a process used rangakain a hypnotherapist to solve client problems with the science of hypnosis.

Some problems can be dealt with hypnotherapy as a fear of heights, smoking, excessive weight, excessive physical pain, physical tension and much more that can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

Someone who studies the so-called Hipnoterapis.Dengan Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist helps the client to resolve the problem.

The time needed to solve client problems, a hypnotherapist may only need one session or multiple sessions, tergantu hadapai problems in the client.

After doing hypnotherapy sessions, clients will be facing the problem persists, puts a lot more control over your thoughts and feelings sehingan behavioral changes.

A hypnotherapist will take the client into a state of relaxation or trance dalanm with Hypnosis.

In a state of relaxation or trance, a person’s mind will be more receptive to the suggestion that changing the way people think, behave and merasa.Trans not sleep but relaxed and fun. It feels just like when a person before

Hypnosis for a show or Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy is very different.

By making the audience behaves strangely, a stage hypnosis uses the power of hypnosis to do the show with the purpose of entertaining.

A professional hypnotherapist will not make his client behaves strangely as did a stage hypnosis, hypnotherapist leads the client to things that are beneficial, convenient and appropriate, because one of the main pillars of therapy is the existence of trust between client and hypnotherapist.

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  1. Hypnotherapy is also used to help patients overcome phobias. In my case, it was very successful.

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