Innovative Sexual Techniques: 11 Ways of Licking and Suckin Niples

Men: Just don’t forget the niples…

Nipples are some of women’s most erogenous zones. Unfortunately for them – and for their partners – they are frequently neglected during the sexual intercourse. Unfortunately because they are as sensible as the clitoris with which they form a real triangle of pleasure. This is why I have decided to orient my numerous followers in Trion about the fine art of licking, sucking and – slightly – biting their sweethearts’ nipples.

The baby technique: This is the basic one. Just suck her nipples as if they would feed you. Do it as if you were hungry but with tenderness. When you feel you have had enough, do the same with the other one.

The North Pole technique: Just as the baby technique, but putting a cube of ice in your mouth, and sucking until it melts. Repeat with another one. For this one it is practical to have a glass full of ice next to the bed…

The Koala technique: Just as the North Pole technique, but instead of the ice cube, use a menthol or eucalyptus candy.

The Mexican Technique: Spit the eucalyptus/menthol candy and take a habanero chili instead, suck her nipples. A glass of milk beside the bed is handy for this one.

The lollipop technique: Imagine that her nipples are like lollipops, juicy, sugary, tasty, imagine they are made of your favorite fruit, watermelons, mangoes, coconuts… Stick your tongue out as far as you can and then lick her nipples, one at a time, until they get very hard… Enjoy their taste, their look and their texture.

The ‘lick around the clock’ technique: This is the second basic technique: With the tip of your tongue, draw an imaginary circle around her nipples, one at a time. Spend hours doing that.

The reverse ‘lick around the clock’ technique: The name of this technique says it all. It is just the same as the one before, you only do it the other way around. Spend hours doing this, too.

The number eight technique: This technique requires a great dexterity. It is actually a combination of the ‘lick around the clock’ and the reverse ‘lick around the clock’ techniques: With the tip of your tongue draw a circle that goes around her nipple in one direction. When you reach your starting point, draw another circle, but in the opposite direction. Repeat.

The spiral technique: Begin at the base of her breast. Describe a circle around it. When arriving to the starting point, go up several millimeters. Repeat until you reach her nipple. As you are there, apply another technique.
The cherry bite technique: Once her nipple is very erect, bite it very very tenderly. But be careful not all women appreciate this one.

The great canyon technique: With your whole tongue, draw a vertical line from her navel to her mouth, passing between her breasts.

Apply these techniques regularly. Implement new ones according to your taste and to hers. Make love and live happily ever after. Believe me, they are good, very very good.

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