Kerala Ayurveda Alter Your Stress to Relaxation

Ayurveda as one of the highly acceptable natural treatment to come over with stress, headache, body ache, sleepless night and many more severe body problems by offering body relaxation massage under complete cool and clam environment.

Ayurveda is a medical system and a philosophy which originated about 5000 years ago in India and is aimed at balancing the three main bodies of the constitutional forces including the energy of the movement “vata”, the energy of digestion “pitta” and the energy of the structure “Kapha” to improve health and create harmony in life. best spa in delhi

Ayurvedic massage include relaxation and rejuvenation

Ayurvedic massage helps in general detoxification, relaxation, rejuvenation and a greater spiritual awareness through gentle exercises. An Ayurvedic massage, also known as “panchakarma” uses powerful massage on specific energy points “chakras” with large amounts of warm oil and herbs which toxic substances are removed from the system and provides for recovery of balance in the body. Oil and are molded in the chakras, such as in the ears or between the eyebrows, on the basis of the adjusted needs of the recipient. body massage

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

The benefits of ayurvedic massage include vitality, stress reduction, relaxation and deep sense of inner peace. Ayurvedic massage is popular because it proved to be potent effects on the eyes and nervous system.

Body energy

It is interesting that ayurvedic massage the body contains energy as a combination of five major elements including ether, fire, water, air and earth. The knowledge of the composition of these elements can be determined by the practitioner is not only for the massage techniques, but also by individual treatments, by choosing the right oils, herbs and the speed and the pressure of the massage areas.

Ayurveda in India is tailored to the needs of the western countries. Today, in Europe and the United States ayurvedic medical centers that do not focus on the treatment of diseases, but just to rest and relaxation to give. massage therapy courses

• The first purpose of kerala ayurveda focuses on warming up the body making it more amenable to the manipulations of the masseur. It is about the leg of the hamstrings and the pressing points on the back of the thighs along the energy lines of the leg.
• The second purpose of ayurveda massage is called the team stretch. What happens here is that the masseur pulls the legs of the receiver, with the knees straight, she pushes it forward and back in the face of the receiver. The goal here is to lengthen the spine.
• The third purpose of kerala ayurvedics is also intended to lengthen the spine. Here, the receiver on her stomach on the mat to lie down. With knees bent, her feet up and hands on the thighs of the masseur, the receiver built by the shoulders to stretch her back.
• The fourth purpose of body massage is another exercise to lengthen the spine and the pressure on the shoulders and back reduction. The receiver also lies back with his feet against the thighs of masseur. The therapist lifts the receiver than on the poor.
• Kerala ayurveda is the belief that you as a person works on different levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The massage is aimed at these different levels with each other to bring.

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