Know Your Self Through Meditation

Knowing Self will be the best investment of time and efforts anyone can do, which will bring the highest and the most meaningful returns. Knowing Self might drastically change your life, your attitude, your way of thinking, your approach and your living. It can transform your life into a brand new, very different or even entirely opposite to your previous life till now. All this will lead to the reality, the truth, the fulfilment and ultimately the enlightenment.

Meditation is a way to know Self. Meditation is a way to be able to see clearly the interactions of Self with everything around. Meditation is to be fully aware of Self. Regular practice of Meditation, is a consistent direct communication with the Self. Meditation is to know and finally master the Self. Meditation is an art and science of Self.

Some questions might arise in mind, such as:

What kind of difference this knowledge of Self makes?

Why to invest time in knowing the Self?

We all know our body and also get to know how to take care of it. We constantly feel the presence of mind, and  try to manage it. Self is something which is not so obvious. Self is subtle. Though Self is the real core and much more  important than the body as well as mind. Self determines who someone really is. Mind and body more or less just follow and act as per the directions of the Self.

Some people are successful, rich and happy whereas some are not. External conditions are more or less exactly the same. If the success and happiness would have depended on external factors, then pretty much everyone would have been either happy and successful or unhappy and unsuccessful. But this is obviously not the case. So it is clear beyond any doubt that whatever is the condition of someone is, that is due to that person’s own Self. That also means that once someone could get this concept, then someone can know the real source of everything. Cause of everything is Self, rest all are mere effects. The conclusion is that everything falls down to Self. Now, if the Self is under control, then that person can manifest whatever he or she want in his or her life. Self is the secret. Self is the real substance. Self is the Science. Self is the truth.

If Self is so much important, then we must know more about it. We must be observant of it. We must be intelligent enough to modify, change and improve it as per the consequences we are facing, especially when what we are receiving is very different than what we want in life. Meditation is one way for anyone to be able to be in touch with Self. Once someone establishes contact with Self, one can observe the state of Self. One can see the flaws. One can see the confusion. One can see the reasons. One can understand the causes of the stuff happening. Regular practice of Meditation, consistently keep the practitioner connected with Self. Continuous observation, interaction and communication with Self, brings the possibility of continuous change towards right positive direction, in which someone finally can attain fulfilment, happiness, success and enlightenment.

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