Lemongrass Oil: Its Popularity and Health Benefits

Lemongrass oil is useful for several health related issues. It is a popular alternative to prescription medication. Find out how it can benefit you!

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Commonly known for its use in cooking Asian dishes, lemongrass oil has many other uses, including health benefits. This fast-growing, wild grass from India has the tart smell of a lemon but a milder and sweeter taste. You can use lemongrass as an analgesic, antidepressant or for respiratory relief, among other health benefits. Methods of using lemon grass are as a tea, topically on the skin and cooked in foods.


Lemongrass soothes the muscles after exercise and can be taken for joint pain, headache, toothache and fever from colds, flu and other mild to severe conditions.

Nervous System

Lemongrass also can help fight depression, insecurity and other concerns as well as boost self-esteem, mental strength and confidence. Lemon grass helps relieve anxiety.


Lemongrass has microbial properties that are effective in the colon, urinary tract, stomach, wounds, respiratory tract and elsewhere in the body. It can help with diseases such as food poisoning, malaria and other illnesses.


Lemongrass has astringent properties as well as antiseptic properties on the skin. It promotes contraction of the blood vessels for wounds that are bleeding. It also encourages contraction of the gums, hair follicles, skin and muscles to prevent hair or teeth from falling out. Antiseptic properties enable lemon grass applied to wounds to prevent infection. The use of lemon grass oil aid in the prevention of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. Apply lemongrass oil to any affected area of the skin for skin issues such as dry skin, itching, to lighten freckles and lighten small scars and cellulite.


Drink as a tonic to alleviate many physical ailments such as shaking hands, nervousness and vertigo. Parkinson and Alzheimer’s patients have exhibited more calming effects from the use of Lemon grass oil, in addition to soothing them and helps with their sleep patterns.


As with any health product, use according to package directions and check with your physician in using lemon grass oil in conjunction with prescription medications or if you are pregnant. As a word of caution, it may cause skin irritation if used incorrectly.


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