Like Food to The Body, Studies Have Proven, Words Intriguingly are Nourishment to The Mind

Being a voracious reader, I quickly pick up any book that speaks of success, opening your mind to spiritual possibilities and so forth. Anything that expands your mind to think beyond the "boxes" society has created for non-thinkers to follow. Your mind is far too active and full of genuine curiosity about the world to ever stop learning and exploring the infinite realm of possibilities.

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…With this in mind it’s I’ve read several books and studies that all point to the resounding idea that like food is nutrition to the body, words are nutrition to the mind. What you say truly does matter. For example, studies conducted on people with anxiety disorders proved that people actually made themselves anxious by the thoughts they were thinking. Certain words trigger chemical fear responses in the body, ultimately producing the symptoms psychologists label as anxiety disorders.

Along this same idea, there was another study conducted where, I believe it was war vets that were put under hypnosis. They were then made to relive certain events that were violent. By the end of the session, the vets returned to their conscious state to find that their bodies had developed bruises where in their hypnotic state they believed they were being hit.

About five months ago, I stumbled across an article that even said that doctors are finally catching onto the deeply invaluable importance of words, their meanings, and chemical responses our bodies have to them. Many doctors are now prescribing pills that they tell their patients to take while saying to themselves “I’m getting better” or “I’m feeling better.”

Another article I came across spoke of a person who had a physical examination with results demonstrating that through mindful thinking his/her physical makeup was that of someone 10 years younger than their actual age. In fact, upon speaking with an interesting person, I found out that if you really get down to it, there’s no such thing as time (this, of course, opens up the door to another topic I don’t know enough about yet, to discuss intelligently here).

Even books that speak about success and how to attain all your dreams and goals repeatedly point out the vital importance of words. They speak about how thoughts truly do define who you are and what you are able to accomplish. Believe you can and you can.

As a result, I’m becoming more and more careful with every word I speak. Think about it, if words trigger certain chemical responses in your body, you must use them with care with everyone you meet including yourself. Do you ever notice how certain sounds and words make you feel at peace and joyful while others have the opposite affect? Think of the words you speak like gifts you give to other people. Every kind word you speak changes another person for the better, science proves it and your body truly feels the difference.

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  1. Very interesting. Yeah, words are indeed very important.

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  3. Very interesting and enjoyable article!

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  5. Very great article! Its is after all, words that make up these articles in the first place.

  6. Oh very good article.

  7. 100% agree with the article – too many times we focus on items to help ourselves that actually do not help at all.

  8. An insightful piece. It does seem that words do have certain “chemical” effects huh. Now we are talking about merging the Arts with the Science. Ha.

  9. Great article, thanks for sharing

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  12. Very well spoken and from the heart. I get all inspiration from “The Bible”. John 3:16 is true inspiration and Life.

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