Lorenzo’s Oil – Part 2: Lorenzo’s Oil

The miracle tonic for ALD patients – Lorenzo’s Oil. Lorenzo Odone, the boy whom is the oil’s namesake, was diagnosed with ALD at an early age; unwilling to accept their son’s fate, the parents developed the revolutionary drug. Learn about the specifics of the drugs, including: composition, effects (wanted and unwanted), and where to get it.

           Lorenzo’s Oil, also known as a mixture of glyceryl trierucate, and glyceryl trioleate, is a revolutionary drug that gave hope to ALD and AMN (adrenomyeloneuropathy) patients worldwide. Though a controversial tonic, Lorenzo’s Oil has given rise to many unverified recoveries to those suffering the rare genetic disoreders. Lorenzo’s Oil is a solution composed of four parts glyceryl trierucate (a component of erucic acid, a 22-carbon monounsaturated fatty acid) and one part glycerol triolate (a component of oleic acid, an 18-carbon monounsaturated fatty acid). The two components are derived from rapeseed oil and olive oil, respectively.

The very first sample of Lorenzo’s Oil came from a British doctor named Don Suddaby, who sent the Odones a flask of Lorenzo’s Oil after careful brewing for six months. Today, acquiring Lorenzo’s Oil is a daunting task for those who live in the United States. For one, one can only receive the oil if they cooperate with the Kennedy Krieger Institute and take part in a clinical trial, under the direction of Dr. Geralds Raymond. The reason for the difficult acquisition is the fact that the drug is not FDA (U S Food and Drug Administration) approved; Lorenzo’s Oil is reckoned an Investigational New Drug. As a safety regulation, erucic acid and its constituents are strictly monitored; they have been known to reduce platelet counts in consumers and result in many unwanted circulatory side-effects. For those outside American boundaries, Lorenzo’s Oil is much easier to obtain and can be bought in a multitude of countries, ranging between Argentina and Venazuela.

            The cost of Lorenzo’s Oil has fallen sharply throughout the years. At the time of discovery, high demands and low supplies brought the price to an exorbitant $1000 per liter of Lorenzo’s Oil. Prices for the oil steadily dropped once the product was put in the public’s eye. Major funding and efforts were proposed and helped enhance the production of the newly discovered drug. Nowadays, one can buy a 500 milliliter bottle of Lorenzo’s Oil for about $56; a full liter’s flask costing roughly $112. As potent as this drug is, many American insurance companies refuse to extend coverage to purchases of Lorenzo’s Oil. The effects of Lorenzo’s Oil are still unverified and alleged; along with its status as an Investigation New Drug, Lorenzo’s Oil will not be coming to a pharmacy near you for quite some time.

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