Make Your Own Healing Tooth Powder

Heal your teeth and gums with natural remedies.

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If you have ever looked at a commercial toothpaste that you purchased from a typical pharmacy or department store, you will most likely see a warning. It states that if the product is swallowed that a poison-control center should be contacted. Why would such a warning be necessary on a product you use to care for your teeth and mouth? How can such a product heal while being potentially toxic at the same time?

Most commercial toothpastes do nothing to heal teeth and gums. In fact, most contain artificial chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate that actually degenerates tissues. But, it is the sodium aluminum fluoride contained in most of these products that makes the poison warning necessary.

Fortunately, you can make your own tooth powder which is not only safe, but actually works to heal the gums and ease tooth sensitivity to heat and cold.

In a small air tight container, place 1/2 cup of fine sea salt. Add 10 to 15 drops of tincture of myrrh. Add 5 to 10 drops of sage tincture. Stir after adding each drop to keep the mixture from caking.

Pour a little bit of this mixture into the palm of your hand and dip your toothbrush into it. This will prevent bacterial contamination of the jar. Store the jar in a cool, dry place with the lid tight.

Try this tooth powder for a few days. You will likely find that it heals sore teeth and gums in a matter of days.

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  1. Great post! ..this is really informative and great advices on health..Thanx for sharing this wonderful remedies..

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