Manifestation Quartz : Description and Attributes

An introduction to Manifestation quartz crystals and their metaphysical and healing properties.

Manifestation Crystals are identifiable by having a crystal completely enclosed within it. In effect a crystal within a crystal. manifestation crystals are quiet rare and are as the name suggests, used in the manifestation of ones goals and ambitions. These crystals are considered to carry the purest vibration of any type of quartz crystal.

image from the author’s collection

As with all manifestation and law of attraction practice certain principles apply. As we all know the universe often provides us with what we need but not always what we want. For manifestation quartz to be effective we need to have clearly defined and unconflicted crystallised desired outcomes in mind. Questions that should be considered are:

What exactly do I want to occur in my life ?

What are the possible disadvantages of such an outcome ?

Will my goal cause any harm or discomfort to my environment ?

Is this what I really want ?

If any conflicted feelings arise from the consideration of these questions, the beneficial and assisting effects will be nullified in the respect of that particular desire.

image from the author’s collection

However there is still so much more to manifestation crystals. They work wonderfully well in the absence of any goal or ambition in so far as they continue to manifest in accordance with natural laws. Manifestation Quartz promotes creativity in all it’s forms, it produces clear thinking on many levels and is a particularly effective aid to problem solving. They facilitate states of joy allowing a person to feel fulfilled with what they already have. They actively encourage a sense of wonder in the gifts of nature that we might normally take for granted e.g. flowers, Cloud formations, A child’s laughter etc.

As a complimentary therapy, manifestation quartz is ideal for bringing about desired states of health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is no understatement to say that manifestation quartz is one of the mineral kingdoms most powerful anti depressants.

In conclusion , manifestation quartz is one of natures most wonderful gifts to crystal healing and metaphysical practice.

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