Medical Miracles

Medicine and science have come along ways. Right into the future of growing new limbs and organs in the lab.

Miracles in medicine are happening more frequently and we seem to be getting it right in many areas of it all. For instance just imagine growing back a finger that was cut off, or if you need a new heart it can be grown in a lab and replaced for your old one not working as hard as it should.

Well, there are the things scientists are working on and having success in. Three years ago a man working on a propeller cut the top of his finger off. The mans brother is a scientist in medical research and so the project began. After Andrew severed his finger his brother sent him a small package with white powder inside. He told Andrew to sprinkle this powder on his finger tip every other day which he did.

After the regrowth of Andrews finger the military became very interested in the whole thing. The Army is now in the process of using the matrix on soldiers who have lost fingers in war time.

Four weeks later Andrews finger tip grew back nail and all. The powder is made from the bladder of a pig plus other substances. It is a mix of protein and connective tissue surgeons often use to repair tendons and it holds some of the secrets behind the emerging new science of regenerative medicine.  This combination of substances tell the body tissue is missing and needs to be replaced. Some how the cells talk to one another and reconstruct what needs to be done.

In a lab at a University doctors call the body factory entire body limbs are being grown. They have actually grown a heart of a sheep which is pulsating in the lab. This kinda seems like science fiction, but it is being used more and more and  testing is being done extensively on many different types of injuries.

Cutting edge medicine is being used all over. In a trial in Philly a bladder transplant using the patents own cells has been done. The cells were grown in the lab in a bladder shaped scaffold for the cells to grow on.
After eight weeks of growing the scaffold has grown millions more cells. After the cells grow enough that the scaffolding dissolves the organ is transplanted into a patient. A brand new organ now in place of the diseased one.

This will essentially eliminate the need for donors for organs if they can be grown in the lab. it will also not be rejected because the organ or limb will be contracted from the patience own cells. Incredible is the word I would use for this type of medicine.

In our near future these procedure will become the norm and a real break through for science and for the world. 

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  1. I have issues with some things we are doing, particularly when we exploit other species for human gains, with 7 billion people the one thing we should be working on most is population control.

  2. Thank you Brenda~

  3. i didn’d know about that powder. very interesting

  4. Fascinating, medical science is amazing – look at preemies!

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