Medical Properties of Silver

Silver and our health.

It should be noted that in the human body is silver in large quantities. For example, in some tissues its silver content reaches 20 micrograms per 100 grams of dry matter. Most silver is contained in the brain, in the nuclei of nerve cells in the glands of the endocrine system, iris and bones.

This trace mineral is necessary for normal functioning of all organs and systems, it has a rejuvenating effect on the blood and favorably affect the course of physiological processes in the body, there is also stimulation of the blood-forming organs, the number of lymphocytes and monocytes, red blood cells, increasing the percentage of hemoglobin.

By participating in metabolic processes, and silver is consumed, and for its replenishment required flow of metal from the outside, and it usually occurs from eating cucumbers, cabbage and dill (where the silver is contained in only very small amounts), and regular use for drinking silver water (0, 1-0,01 mg / l). The daily need of man in the silver is 88 micrograms.

In recent decades, an increasing number of reports on the use of silver preparations to suppress viral infections, treatment of infected wounds, for creating anticancer drugs, antibacterial and fungicidal on mineral and polymeric carriers, sterilization and preservation of water for pharmaceuticals and food products, etc .

The latest research in this field proved even more important silver for human health. In particular, concentrating on bone diseases, scientists have discovered a phenomenal ability of fibroblast cells under the influence of silver ions to multiply and reproduce the tissue, which should be in this place, it is discovered that the body regenerates itself. This discovery gives hope to the ability of preparations of silver to treat cancerous tumors.

Current therapeutic element of silver, as it turned out, is its ions – Ag +. Silver ions can easily interact with other ions, forming a generally insoluble or poorly soluble compounds, which prevents the penetration of silver into a living organism. For example, silver ions readily bind to the chloride anion that leads to the formation of sparingly soluble silver chloride.

However, in an aqueous solution of silver ions retain their activity due to their stable of stabilization in the form of hydrated silver – colloidal silver. This is due to the property of the bipolar water molecules form hydrogen bonds, resulting in a water molecule in the form of “shell” can escape the anions and cations on the mutual influence.

In fact, fragments of water molecules form around the silver ion very stable shell that preserves this ion in a free and active. So even getting into the intestine, stable hydrated silver is not exposed to significant influence of chloride ions and safely enters the body.

Just as easily under the protection of water molecules, silver ions penetrate the skin tissue. Circulating in the bloodstream and tissue fluid media, hydrated silver ions freely penetrate into the pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, through their outer shell, and then connected to the respiratory enzymes and blocking the respiratory function, lead to their death. In this case, the pathogens can not develop resistance to the detrimental effect of silver ions, as they do in relation to antibiotics.

However, the useful intestinal flora, silver ions are not affected and even help to combat dysbiosis by stimulating the growth of bacteria better serving per person.

Bactericidal properties of silver appears already at the lowest concentration of metal ions in water (0,1-0,01 mg / l), which is enough to guarantee the destruction of more than 260 species of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, due to which its use in the spring and autumn periods effectively protects against colds adenoviruses paragrippoznyh and influenza virus, and in the summer – intestinal (bacterial) infections without the development of dysbiosis. Therefore, regular intake of silver ions is necessary and useful.

For example, regular gargling and burying his nose in the silver water helps destroy pathogenic viruses in the nasopharynx, and protect against colds infection.

In addition to these bacteria under the influence of silver ions relatively quickly die of typhoid germs, Proteus, Salmonella, pigmented bacteria, germs of diphtheria, etc.

Silver does not kill sporoobra-forming bacteria, but the germination of spores in the presence of silver ions is delayed. Silver has a strong inhibitory effect on viruses. The action of silver on the virus decreases as a function of increasing the number of passages of viruses.

Also found that the silver water, cooked electrolysis method is more active than the solution of silver nitrate. Since the bactericidal effect of silver depends on the physical and chemical environmental conditions, different researchers obtained several different data when determining the lethal dose of silver, from 0.04 mg / L of silver ions to 0,1 mg / l.

Colloidal Silver – truly safe natural cure for many diseases, it is absolutely harmless to humans, animals, plants and all multi-cellular organisms.

Medicinal properties of silver as an anti-inflammatory and immuno-protective reaction of tissues to the silver ions are manifested in its more significant concentrations exceeding the antibacterial three to four orders of magnitude.

Such concentration of silver ions found in known therapeutic solutions Collargol, protargola, poviargola, silver nitrate. Silver preparations in low doses stimulate regenerative processes in tissues of microorganism, improve energy metabolism.

In this regards, the possible use of silver for the prevention and treatment of ischemic states. Fine metallic silver has immunomodulatory properties. Marked increase in macrophage activity is stimulated humoral immune responses and stem cells.

Silver increases the specific protection of an organism, which is especially pronounced at low immune reactivity.

Ionized silver, actively communicating with the tissue proteins, creates a protective layer of insoluble inactive compounds in the wounds. Enveloping nerve endings in this manner, the metal compound prevents the irritant effect of the inflammatory exudate.

This is caused by its binding and analgesic properties. The use of ionic solutions in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of soft tissues contributes to the rapid cleanse wounds of necrotic mass, prevents the development of pathological gipergranulyatsy in early forms an elastic crust and cosmetically advantageous scars.

These properties combined with high bactericidal make efficient use of silver solutions in all phases of inflammation. Silver can be dosed and administered in localized electrochemical wound infections (eg, electrophoresis).

Ionized silver is not absorbed from intact skin and mucous membranes. Penetration of silver into the bloodstream through wounds negligible, since it easily binds to proteins on its surface. In the body silver output, mainly in the bile through the intestines.

Application of colloidal silver and silver water for medicinal purposes Traumatology

External application of silver water in surgical practice (using the solution concentration of 35 mg / l at a temperature of 25-30 ° C) is effective for lesions of bones, muscles, joints, lymph nodes, and so on bacterial flora.

Concentrated solution of untreated burns of all degrees. Its use is also effective for purulent nonhealing wounds, fistulas, erysipelas. Processing is done in the form of irrigation, washes, lotions, compresses, silver water is introduced into the fistula.

In the external application of wet-drying bandage on a clean and sores, rinsing and filling of purulent cavities, preparation of extensive wounds to dermoplastike.

When vyalozazhivayuschih wounds and trophic ulcers, bedsores, erysipelas, and lymphangitis shows electrophoresis of the drug. Carrying out procedures must be preceded by mechanical cleaning wounds – an adequate drainage chamber, removing the detachable and areas of necrosis.

For surgical procedures using solutions with a concentration of 20-50 mg / L of silver ions and more.

If the anal fissure, anal ulcers, acute and chronic paraproctitis recommended medicinal enema with an ionic silver solution at a concentration of 20 mg / l in a volume of 200 ml once or twice a day (after cleansing enema), bandages and swabs of the wound at a concentration of 20 – 50 mg / liter.

Topical application of aqueous solutions of ionic silver in the treatment of inflammatory diseases helps to reduce swelling, redness, demarcated foci of destruction occurs in the early stages.

It is used in trauma and surgery and the colloidal silver in the form of an aqueous suspension (homeopathic medicine “Colloidal Silver”). It can be applied directly to cuts, abrasions, open wounds, use as eczema, skin irritation, pimples, insect bites.

With burns colloidal silver accelerates healing and reduces scarring and relieves inflammation. For external use colloidal silver is completely painless, since, unlike antiseptics, it does not destroy tissue cells.

It can be instilled into the nostrils, ears and eyes (even children). Colloidal silver can be used vaginally, anally, injection, inhalation and gargling. It perfectly acts as a deodorant (after all, an unpleasant odor of sweat caused by bacteria, depleting substances secreted by sweat glands).

Internal Medicine

For the prevention of diseases of internal organs using the following regimen:

Concentration of silver – 0,1-0,5 mg / liter. To drink 100 grams of solution 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. Course – 3 months.

For Internal Medicine:

Concentration of silver – 0,5-5,0 mg / liter. To drink 100 grams of solution 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. Course – 3 months.

Having an allergic reaction to trace minerals, as well as pregnant and lactating women should consult with your doctor!

Particular cases of modification regimens:

    * For severe food poisoning, bloating, postoperative recurrence in the kidney, liver, intestine (fistulas) – the concentration of silver ions should be higher: 5.0-10,0 mg / liter.
    * The treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, chronic hypo-and giperoatsidnyh gastritis, enteritis, cholecystitis, endocrine diseases, diabetes, diathesis, eczema – prevents the development of traumatic sepsis. The first ten days of the required ionic silver concentration of 10 mg / liter. the next three weeks – 5.0 mg / liter.
    * The treatment of infectious diseases: cholera, plague, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, scarlet fever, diphtheria, hepatitis A and others – in severe forms of these diseases are the solution concentration is increased to 10-15 mg / liter.

Of course, in internal medicine should not be revoked or modified by the basic course of treatment suggested by your doctor. In addition, it is recommended to agree with the doctor and the use of silver water, especially if the treatment of disease is associated with taking strong drugs and antibiotics.

Adding the silver water in medicinal infusions, milk, juices extend several times their retention – you can use this property of silver water treatment at home with herbs.

When ingestion of silver solution penetrates into the blood and then rapidly spreads to the cells. 3-4 days silver accumulates in the tissues in an amount sufficient for the manifestation of its useful properties.

Oral health care

When stomatitis, periodontal disease, gingivitis and other inflammatory diseases of the mouth rinse and apply application solutions with a concentration of silver ions 20 mg / liter. Observations carried out in various medical institutions allowed to commend the silver water, as a treatment for acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa.

Two cases of dental practitioners TL Guzikov:

“The girl (18 years) suffered from severe stomatitis. Soaked in silver water (35 mg / l) tampons, I advised her to lay between the gum and cheek six or seven times a day and apply rinse the mouth after every meal. After seven days of diligent enforcement procedures against the disease has disappeared. “

“I turned for help man (72 years) with exacerbation of periodontitis. He was given treatment as in the previous case. Oral health steadily improved after two weeks. “


Effective use of silver water (10 – 20 mg / L) in acute and chronic bronchitis, accompanied by Department of purulent sputum. Drink half a glass of solution every morning, their throats gargle, do inhalation.

    * In inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract – irrigation (4-5 times a day), inhalation.
    * When the flu – the treatment and prevention – rinse 4-5 times a day (25 mg / l) until recovery.


If otitis, sinusitis, laringofaringitah, angina recommend irrigation, rinsing the throat; drop and turundas with ionic silver (concentration 10-30 mg / l).

At a cold should be instilled into the nose twice a day for three to four drops in each nostril for a day or two. This tool is also good to use in chronic rhinitis in the same mode, but for five or six drops.

In diseases of upper respiratory tract silver water should be applied as follows:

    * Irrigation – reel to stick cotton wool, wet it in a concentrated solution of silver water and lubricate inflamed areas of the mucous membranes in the throat:
    * Using soaked in a concentrated solution of tampons (ear infections);
    * Spray (during epidemics or presence in a house infected);
    * Intake (for all forms of infectious diseases);
    * Packs (instead of vodka, wet napkin in a silver water, bronchitis, dry cough, pneumonia);
    * Wash (with fever, inflammation of the adenoids, sinusitis dial into the pipette silver water and instilled into the nose, rinsing the nose and throat);
    * Rinsing (with tonsillitis, tracheitis, laryngitis).

Silver water has antiviral properties. Its application in complex treatment of patients with respiratory viral infection can more quickly neutralize the virus group A, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, PC-virus and shorten their impact on the patient’s body.

Based on many years of experience with the silver water, we can say that the use of silver water has no such side effects are observed when using antibiotics in the treatment of common infections and viral diseases, among them influenza, and not just efficiently, but even the best .

More “clean” means not found! “


Antiseptic silver water is especially effective in treating skin diseases of infectious nature.

    * Upon infection, suppuration, fungal diseases of the skin and mucous membranes simply wipe the affected areas, apply warm (not hot) compresses, lotions make silver water.
    * When furunculosis, pyoderma, dermatitis – wet-drying bandage, electrophoresis (25 mg / l).
    * This feature is recommended in the treatment of burns, eczema, dermatosis, because the action of silver water, along with high performance, is soft.


Children’s skin care needs. In the early stages it is in preventing infections, diaper rash, dermatitis and other painful manifestations, and in older age is the need to treat bruises and sores.

    * To prevent and cure skin ailments may be using the silver water. It can be added to the water for bathing babies up to one year.
    * If you experience swelling, redness, rashes, etc., wipe the baby’s skin with a cotton swab dipped silver water.
    * To prevent colds and strengthening immune child’s body let baby drink daily for two to three teaspoons of low concentration of silver water two or three times a day.
    * If the painful manifestations are caused by allergies, then the treatment should not touch the child with the allergen.
    * If you have an asthmatic component in children’s diseases, “the use of silver water contributes to the rapid discharge of phlegm, disinfect the bronchi and promotes rapid healing.

The rest of colds and infectious diseases are treatable one hundred percent, and in addition, it stimulates the immune system.

Gynecology, urology

    * In inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation silver water applied as irrigation, tampons with solutions (20-30 mg / l).
    * If urethritis, prostatitis and cystitis of various etiologies use silver water with a concentration of silver ions of 20-30 mg / l for irrigation.


The use of silver water helps to strengthen the immune system. In everyday life, it is enough just to drink mineralized water enriched with silver ions. In autumn and spring, when the body is most vulnerable to viral infections, silver water is desirable to enrich vitamin C. To do this, one tablet of ascorbic acid dissolved in a portion of the silver water and drink half a cup three times a day for twenty minutes before meals.

Silver in combination with vitamin C has a greater stability in the medium of gastric juice, which eliminates the loss of the metal to precipitate and premature decay of ascorbic acid. This tool also helps prevent premature aging of fabrics.


Antibacterial and anti-aging properties of silver water can be successfully used in the preparation of masks, applications, lotions and body wraps.

When preparing the mask, which has no water in its composition, should do it as soon as the thick to later bring her silver water until desired consistency. If you add at least half-teaspoon of this water to the composition of clay masks, vegetables, fruits, berries, cheese, yeast and other natural materials, its effect will be much stronger.

Usual rubbing silver water instead of the evening lotion will your skin look fresher and wet.

Silver water is also used in the fight against cellulite. Heat the cooked water to 45-50 ° C, soak it in a cotton cloth and quickly, until it has cooled, wrap it problematic areas of the body, further dampen the cloth with silver hot water. Then wrap with aluminum foil applique and wrap woolen cloth. Applique hold about an hour. After removing it, lubricate the skin cream and a warming massage her active within fifteen minutes from the bottom up.

Due to its miraculous properties of silver have long found application in cosmetics. At home, it came down to making a variety of lotions, tinctures, and masks based on the silver water

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