Mudras Again: Eight More Mudras for Health Benefits

There are five elements in our body: fire, water, air, earth and space (ether). The five fingers of our hand represent these five elements, thumb – fire, index finger – air, middle finger – space, ring finger – earth and little finger – water respectively. Imbalances in these elements cause diseases. Mudras can balance these elements and thus they promote health.

Many people wrote to me that they had been relieved of many diseases with the mudras. They asked me to write about more mudras. I did more research on mudras for them and I am writing this article based on that. Here are eight more mudras for wonderful health benefits.

1. Akash Mudra – Space:

Method: Join the tips of middle finger with the tips of thumb while remaining three fingers keeping stretched.

Specialty: This mudra relieves you from dullness and generates new energy.

Time Duration: 15 minutes.


  1. This mudra is very useful for heart diseases.
  2. It strengthens the bones.
  3. It prevents diseases related to nasal and oral cavities.
  4. It removes frustration.

2. Mahasir Mudra – Tension Relieving:

Method: Touch the tip of thumb with the tips of index and middle fingers. Keep your ring finger into the fold of the thumb and stretch the little finger.

Specialty: This mudra relieves all tensions.

Time Duration: 15 to 20 minutes


  1. It is very useful for migraine.
  2. It relives your eyes from straining. It reduces the mucous congestion.
  3. It relieves from back pain.

3. Hakini Mudra – Memory:

Method: Touch the tips of the corresponding fingers of each other.

Specialty: This mudra improves memory power.

Time Duration: 15 minutes


  1. It helps to improve concentration.
  2. It promotes the co-operation between the right and left brain hemispheres.
  3. For children suffering from Autism, Mudra of knowledge(Gyan Mudra) and this mudra can be very helpful. (Autism can be partially cured by mudras and some asanas in yoga. But for permanent cure you have to follow other methods prescribed by doctors).

4. Udan Mudra – Awakening:

Method: Join the tips of fore finger, middle finger and ring finger with the tip of thumb keeping the little finger straight.

Specialty: This mudra develops the flow of energy in all parts of the body.

Time Duration: No specific time duration.


  1. This mudra refreshes your body.
  2. It enhances the efficiency of the nervous system.
  3. It cures many problems of the chest and navel area.

5. Saman Mudra – Digestion:

Method: Join the tips of all fingers with the tips of the thumb.

Specialty: This mudra controls the digestive system.

Time: 20 minutes


  1. It digests food and nourishes body.
  2. It enhances the function of digestive system.
  3. It prevents and cures many problems associated with digestive system.

6. Vyan Mudra – Energy:

Method: Join the tips of fore finger and middle finger with the tip of thumb while the ring finger and little finger keeping straight.

Specialty: It balances the energy in our body.

Time duration: 20 minutes


  1. It strengthens the whole nervous system.
  2. It helps to regain the heat energy in the body.

7. Bronchial Mudra:

Method: Keep the middle finger on the tip of the thumb, the ring finger on the upper thumb joint and the little finger at the base of the thumb. Stretch the index finger.

Specialty: It relieves from negative feelings and moods.

Time Duration: 10 minutes


  1. It is very useful in acute attacks of bronchial asthma.
  2. It helps in dilation of the bronchial tubes.
  3. It regulates oxygen intake.

8. Asthma Mudra:

Method: Join the nails of both middle fingers while the other fingers remains stretched.

Specialty: This mudra enhances self-confidence.

Time: No specific time duration.


  1. It is very helpful for asthma patients.
  2. It counters timidity.

There are many sources for the uses of yoga and meditation for health.

In the last 20 years, meditation has been studied in clinical trials as a way of reducing stress on both the mind and body. According to the NIH National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress syndrome and blood cortisol levels that are increased by stress.

Mudras are part of yoga and they can be very helpful for health. Research is still being undertaken on these yoga techniques.

Some people think that it is a placebo effect. I myself am an eye witness for many people who are relieved from several health hazards. Anyway it is your decision to practice or not.

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  1. Great article, Valli!

    I need to learn to sit still and concentrate on doing just one thing at a time.

  2. very interesting! It will just be hard to do one for 15 minutes!

  3. this is interesting,thanks valli,gotta try them one day

  4. That is so interesting. I will have to give it a try.

  5. Valli, I loved the last one, so I can’t wait to try these out. I do the others between calls at work. I think these cured my inflamed ulnar nerve – these and the turmeric. The doctor wanted to operate.
    My hand is pain free now.

    Thanks, Valli and God bless.

  6. I intend to try at least some of these. I may have trouble getting some of my fingers to stay in place. How long does it take before you start seeing rsults. I will check for the other mudras as well. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Okay, I’ve found the other mudras. I plan on sending this to friends. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you Icy, Alexa, Nobert, Ruby, Judy and Moses for reading.

    Alexa, if it is difficult to stay for 15 minutes try taking breaks every 5 minutes.

    Judy, it is very happy to hear you got benefited from these.

    Moses, at first it is difficult but once you start you will be used to them. It takes around 2 months for you to see the results depending on each person.

  9. Interesting article

  10. Thank you Louie for reading and commenting.

  11. Quite fascinating and original stuff here Valli

  12. Thank you for your appreciation, Anne.

  13. Mudras are really powerful: highly useful and very informative article!

  14. Valli,
    Can you pl. tell me the mudra to control high blood pressure?

  15. Thank you lalitha and Geetanjali for reading.

    Geetanjali, Of course all the mudras are helpful in controlling Blood Pressure, Apana Vayu Mudra is particularly useful to control high blood pressure.

  16. Valli,
    Thanks a lot. I read all the articles which you have posted on this website. All are very informative and very helpful. You are doing great work.

  17. Dear friend, I have a back pain problem. According to MRI, There is a retrolisthesis of L5 over S1. I tried gyan mudra, Akash Mudra and Vayu Gyan Mudra etc. Nothing helps me. Instead my pain and depression both are increased. Now I will start Mohasir Mudra which has been described for Back pain oon this very web page.
    Can anybody help me to get rid of this problem without surgery?
    For Gods sake help me. I am in this problem for the last seven years

  18. Muhammad, Sorry to hear your problem. Mahasir mudra does help general back pain, but urs seems to be a chronic one. So you will have to practice it a long time to see the results. I also was reading about ur condition and came across this:

    U might have already it, but just in case…

  19. Hi, Valli,

    My nephew is suffering from stiff neck, actualy two weeks back he fell down from a stool and hit his forehead on the floor, it was swollen up and they said observe him for a week , he was fine , last week he had fever , nausea and stiff neck, suspecting it to be meningitis, he was advised complete bed rest for one day, today other symptoms have gone, but stiff neck persisting, so the doc suggested an orthopedic visit, we are really worried for him, can u help with sosme mudras, pls its urgent.

  20. Priya, I am very sorry to hear this. Don’t worry, it will be set right. Do as per the suggestions of Doctors. Try Vayu mudra and Gyan Mudra. I wish him a speedy recovery!

  21. Hi Valli,

    Thanks, i told them to try it. Also today he had vomitting,so fixed an appointment with the Paediatrician. Also we had an x-ray taken for his stiff neck, that suggested that near the neck the spine was slightly straight and not curved as it is supposed to be, otherwise it was fine. I hope all is fine with him, jst pray for him, his name is Aditya.

    thnks again.

  22. Priya, we pray for him. Hope he will be fine soon.

  23. Hi Valli,
    My nephew is fine, it was a case of simple gastric, we were so worried. Now hes fine. Thnx for your support and prayer.


  24. I am very happy to hear that your nephew is fine.

  25. Hi Valli,
    Been long time no more mudras,
    Do u have any mudra for phlegm, am not having cold or cough, but sometimes, there is cough with phlegm, its a little embarrassing. so help me out.

  26. Priya, Linga Mudra is very helpful for your problem.

  27. Hi All,

    In Saman Mudra which hand to use.Also tell me more details of this mudra

  28. Subodh, Mudras are usually practiced with right hand. You can practice them with left hand or both the hands too. You can find all details like specialty, time duration and health benefits of Saman Mudra in this article itself.

  29. hi valli, i am 23 . but my problem is, i look very older. i dont look my age at all. is it because of my skin ? or anything else?. can you please help me out with any mudra.

  30. Rita, I missed ur comment, I am sorry. Gyan Mudra and Pranayama help you. In addition to that, take vitamin rich diet.

  31. Hi Valli,
    My periods dont occur once in 28 days, its a longer cycle, have tried lot of treatments, allopathy, homeopathy, and so on. Its generaly around 38 days, is it ok.
    Do you have any mudras for menstrual problems??
    Any specific food that i can take??
    Otherwise am fine, have no prob whatsoever.

  32. Priya, sorry for late reply as I missed ur comment. Regular practice of Surya Mudra, Maha Sacral Mudra, Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) and Gomukhasana (Cow face pose)help you in relieving all types of menstrual problems. In addition to that take vitamin and protein rich diet and sleep for at least seven hours.

  33. Hi valli,
    can you pls guide me as to how ashwini mudra and yoni mudra is done?Also, how gomukhasana is performed?

  34. Priya, Form an almond shape with joined thumbs extended upwards while the remaining fingers are joined at tips extended downwards, this is called Yoni Mudra. You can see the image over yoga websites.

    The following is the procedure of Gomukhasana (Cow Face pose):
    1. Sit in a comfortable position.
    2. Lift your right arm and bring it behind your back.
    3. Bend the left arm to hold onto the fingers of the right arm from behind.
    4. Slowly try to pull the arms and maintain this position for 1 or 2 minutes.
    5. Relax and repeat this with the other hand.

    Aswini Mudra: 1. Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
    2. Become aware of the natural breathing process for a few minutes, and then take the awareness to the anus.
    3. Contract the sphincter muscles of the anus for a few seconds without straining, then relax them for a few seconds.
    4. Try to confine the action to the anal area. Repeat the practice for as long as possible. Contraction and relaxation should be performed smoothly and rhythmically. Gradually make the contractions more rapid.

    Remember, Aswini Mudra is very powerful and can cause problems like overheat in body, severe headache, severe constipation etc. So practice this only for some time (one or two months), or until to get relief from the problem. Don’t practice it too often. This is applicable to all mudras and asanas, as they enhance energy channels, the severe and careless practice can cause severe health problems. So if you have a problem, practice the required mudra or asana for the specific time (2 months or 3 months etc). Time limit for Yoni Mudra is 7 min, for Gomukhasana 5 min and for Aswini Mudra is 3 min daily.If you get cured, then stop practicing it.

  35. thanks valli,wl try doing them.

  36. Hi Valli,

    My wife suffers from loss of use and deformation of her fingers in her left hand, curling into a fist. Her fingers also have a slight tremor. Her hand has lost all strength and is also affecting her left leg. The doctors say it is a form of Parkinsons. We went for Herbal treatment and were told that it does not look like parkinsons. We have medication from the herbal for the strength but it may take a long time to see any results.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  37. Sampan, though herbal medication takes long time to cure, it is advisable for permanent cure. Even mudras and yoga therapies take long time to cure, but they give permanent redemption.

  38. I start get mixed up …

  39. I have few questions about mudra and they are

    What are mudras?
    Can anyone use mudra?
    I want to learn mudra so as beginner how can I learn mudras
    If I do mudra for opening chakra in how many days will I see results?
    If I do mudras in how many days will I see quick results
    I want to know if I could use mudra for others
    And I am doing mudra for the first time so I want to know if there is any danger in using mudra
    And in one site I read that anyone cannot use mudra because it has tremendous powers and should use carefully so I want to know as a beginner is it ok to use mudra

    And I want to know if there is amudra for seeing quick results for intellegent brain, memory, fair skin, fair lips, clear skin, beautiful face, beautiful body and hair, tall body, courage, self confidence, confidence, smartness, calmness, money in abundance, very fast growth in bussiness and for getting more people into the bussiness, positive thoughts, strength, concentration, knowledge, mental peace, wisdom, genius, healing in every parts of the body, wealth, happiness, and to get thin hair.

    I want a mudra for seeing quick results for getting rid of dandruff, lack of energy, fear, sleepinees, negative thought, tiredness, sleepy eyes, black magic, curses, spells, faitgue, debt, depression, stress, exhaustion, worries, sadness, and to get rid of thick hair, and to drop out of college and to get rid of job.

  40. To Shikha, and any one who thinks alike, Mudras are NOT Magic. Neither are they anything supernatural. They are just exercises that activate various parts of the body. To know which mudra can help in what way, refer to the article above, and the previous article of mine on mudras.

  41. Sampan, I am very sorry to hear the problem of your wife. Visit the famous Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala. Also visit these websites for some Ayurvedic doctors:

  42. Is there a mudra for persons who have had a stroke and have lost their ability to speak. Thanks

  43. Hi, i wanted to know whether many mudras cn b performed in a day. what is the best mudra for glowing skin.

  44. Shweta, Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth) is very beneficial for glowing skin. For procedure check out the following article.

  45. Hi, valli
    i’m a fifteen year old girl who’s height
    isn’t tall enough,can you please help me out
    on which type of mudras or any type of yoga
    to increase my height
    thank you :)

  46. Fatima, Sun Salutation exercises, and asanas like Tadasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Matyasana, Dhanurasana and Ushtrasana help you in increasing your height.

  47. Hi Valli,

    i have been follwoing the mudras, and i had spoken to you earlier about my delayed periods, now they are perfectly alright. thanks so much.

    I have been doing exercises and also the mudras and have lost excess weight, but now my tummy is too obvious, can you suggest some mudras.


  48. Priya, It is very happy to hear that your problem of delayed periods is solved.

    Try Surya Mudra and Apana Mudra, and asanas like Sarvangasana, Salabhasana, Pavanamuktasana, Uttanapadasana, Bhujangasana and Dhanurasana.

  49. Thank you very much valli :)

  50. Hi valli
    Recently I happened to visit your mudras site and it is very useful. There are mudras for growing thick and long hair but is there any mudra for grey hair to be turned black. Kindly help me since I have lot of grey hair in the front portion of my head.
    I am practising other mudras also. Thank you.

    Jayanthi, India

  51. Jayanthi, Prana Mudra helps you. In addition to that, try the following:

    1. Use the coconut oil blended with hibiscus and amla.
    2. Boil Triphala (Triphala is composed of Harad (Haritaki) Amla (Indian gooseberries) and behada (Bibhitaki) powder in Gingery (Thil) oil and apply this filtered oil regularly on the scalp.
    3. Grind the Bael leaves and apply 2 hours before taking bath.
    4. Apply Sesame (Til) seed oil regularly.

  52. Dear valli,

    I am very much interested in doing mudras, but i have to start from home by
    5 am and reach home by 10:30 pm. I have to travel more 2 1/2 in the morning and in the evening. Shall i do mudras in the travelling time or i have to do by sitting in proper position and concentration. Plz reply me.

  53. Yeah, you can do mudras in your travelling time. Sit in normal position and practice them.

  54. Thank u very much for your reply valli. One more question plz answer this also. Does MUDRAS should be done like meditation or can we do in our hand and concentrate on other things like watching television, reading books etc.
    Also please tell me the mudra for hair growth, i lost my hairs in a virus (typhoid and leptospirosis) fever.

  55. Dear valli,

    Can u plz suggest any books for Mudras or please suggest any website which has more and reliable details about mudras.

    Thanks in advance

  56. Kumar, You should concentrate on mudras while practicing for better results. Prithvi Mudra and Prana Mudra are helpful for your problem. I read the following Mudra in a website which is said to be beneficial for hair loss. Check the reliability on your own by practicing.

    Prasanna Mudra: Keep hand near the chest. Rub the nails of the eight fingers against each other for 5 to 10 minutes for 30 days. The thumbs should be straight.

    Mohan, Whatever I had written on Mudras is from my experiences, I cannot suggest you about the books or websites. You can check over the net.

  57. Thank you valli, i ll do the following mudras with concentration. Great work form you.

  58. hi could u plz tl me if it is realy necessary 2 practise mudras vt both d hnds….& tl me if both prithvi & varun mudras r useful 4 skn glow…& is thr any mudra 4 height groth,my age is 20….

  59. Sindhu, you can practice the mudras with single hand too. Yeah, both the mudras are useful for glowing skin.

    Sun Salutation exercises, and asanas like Tadasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Matyasana, Dhanurasana and Ushtrasana help you in increasing your height, of course it is difficult to increase your height as your age is 20. But trying these cause no harm.

  60. hi thx 4 ur advice…realy these mudras r gr8..jst 1 mor Q’n long does it tak 2 show results 4 any mudra..

  61. Sindhu, it takes around one or two months for you to see the results depending on each person.

  62. Is there any mudra for any catch in the body. pls. suggest me. I will be grateful to you.

  63. valli vat is ths kubera mudra…i’m in gr8 confuson…

  64. Jayanthi, try Vayu Mdura.

    Sindhu, Kubera Mudra (join the tips of thumb, ring and middle fingers while the ring and little fingers are folded into the palm)is beneficial in clearing the frontal sinuses. It also strengthens both the body and mind. Some people believe that strong desires are fulfilled with this mudra.

  65. Hi Valli,
    Firstly thank you for the wonderful information. I really appreciate your efforts in trying to help every one. God bless you.

  66. One of the best informations I ever got online. Thank you very much for your selfless dedication for the sake of others. I’m very excited about trying it. I know your time is priceless but could you help me on these issues.
    1. My palms & feet are wet & cold almost all the time. It’s been like that since I can remember. It’s very inconvenient and annoying.Could you recommend any Mudra for that?
    2. While doing any Mudra, can I chant religious texts?
    Thanks again for your helping hand.

  67. For the past two hours i am reading both your webpages. This is the way i like, non-invasive, drugfree aproach. My mother 73 yrs survived many life threatening visits to emerg. is now home and in lots of pain: all and any kind of pain u can think of and she has seen them all….was throwing up blood, they put a scope into esophagus & ended up bruising the area, more blood into lungs….all body systems stopped!!! was on life support for three days. Was doing REIKI on her, and lots of prayers. She is with us now @HOME. Its 1:30am will start mudras in the morning….i guess will have to do all, slowly and surely??? any suggestions…she also has lots of other conditions: depression, rhematoid arthritis, both knees operated, gall bladder removed, eating disorder (only fluids/pureed foods!!!) and to make things worst is also diabetic but this sholders pain is killing her, they gave her CPR whilst in emerg!!! Please help i will try anything for her…alnoor

  68. WOW….this is a miracle…the fact that u have sooo many articles on the web…keep up the good work. I just wish i would have seen them earlier. God bless u and your family!!!

  69. Hi Valli,

    I have been suffering from depression and due to this my memory is not working fully. can you suggest which mudras i have to practice so that i can get rid of this probs.

  70. Hi Valli,

    I have been suffering from depression and due to this my memory is not working fully. can you suggest which mudras i have to practice so that i can get rid of this probs.

  71. Hi Valli,

    I am suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for the last 2 years. Tried for Homeopathy, Allopathy and Ayurveda treatments, but not cured till date. When I tried for the Allopathic medicine, I felt the pain in my Right foot also, so I stopped that medicine. They suggested for an operation at the writst, but I am not interested.

    I am a regular Yoga practitioner for the last 10 years. Is there any Mudra Pranayama for the recovery of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Kindly advice.

    Awaiting your valuable advice.

    With love, Lalitha

  72. Sorry for the late response as I was out of station for the last 30 days.

    Anand, thanks for your nice comment.

    Rose, try Prithvi Mudra, Vyan Mudra and Jalodar Nashak or Jal-shaamak Mudra (Place the little finger on the base of the thumb and press it with thumb while the remaining three fingers are stretched). There is no need to chant religious texts while doing mudras.

    Alnoor1616, Gyan Mudra for depression, Vayu Mudra for Arthritis, Apana Mudra for diabetes and Apana Vayu Mudra for shoulder pain, and these are beneficial to your mother. Your mother can practice all these mudras one by one regularly as she is suffering from many health problems. Mudras have flexibility, there is no specific posture and time to practice. There is no harm in doing these. In addition, they are beneficial in relieving many health problems.

    Sandeep, Gyan Mudra is very helpful for your problems.

    Lalitha, try Anjali Mudra and asanas like Tadasana, Kakasana, Uttanasana, Bharadvajasana, Hastasana, Half-garudasana and Virabhadrasana. Add Vitamin B6 enriched food in your diet. Also massage your wrist with mint oil for 5 minutes daily for a couple of months.

  73. Thank you very much for your valuable advice Valli.

    With Love, Lalitha

  74. Hi valli
    Can u suggest any mudras for backpain

  75. really it is very good

  76. Valli,
    Hats off to you for sharing your knowledge with the others, selflessly!

    My qn is – If we do certain mudras one after the other, do they have a nullifying effect? Like, if I do Prithvi mudra first for 30 min, then switch over to Jnana mudra or Surya mudra, would that be redirecting the energy from the parts where it was originally sent by Prithvi mudra, hence giving null effect to Prithvi mudra?


  77. Great article. I am doing some of them, while driving, while in the bus. My question is that can some of them be done while walking? Should they be done while static?

  78. Thanks Lalitha and Vijayan for your nice comments.

    Deepa, Mahasir/Mahasirs Mudra is effective in treating back pain.

    Hari and Mahesh I answered your questions in my other article as you asked there also. Checkout your answers:

  79. hi Valli,

    am 29, one weak before diagnosed as Diabetic.I had suffered a lot in my 1st marriage one year ago. my marriage ended in a day. My parents tried a lot to solemnise but not useful. that person use to beat me , burnt my legs, kept me in house arrest, at last went they tried to burn me i ran.

    all these happened when my parents left me in my husband home. i don’t know exact problem with my husband but my father-in-law always use to misbehave with me. this is the stress i went.

    at that moment only i was having white discharge, but to recognise that as white discharge it took me many months, as I was very ignorant.

    My doctor tells that this Diab condition is due to stress, though i always do pranayama my condition is like this. it had been diagonised a week before.

    please help me , does this diab condition can be cured permanently?

  80. Shravani, sorry to hear your problem. Don’t worry. Pranayama especially Alternate Nostril Breathing works efficiently for stress. Gyan Mudra is also helpful. Prana Mudra and Apana Mudra are beneficial for diabetes. Also try Trikonasana, Tadasana, Bhujangasana and Surynamaskar. Practice all these yoga techniques daily for at least 30 minutes. Listen good music for relaxation. I think you will be alright within short period.

  81. Hi Valli,

    Regarding linga mudra I am little confused. The picture and the description does not match. Do I keep the right thumb vertical or left thumb. Please comment.


  82. Dear Valli,

    There shud have been a ‘B’ in your name for benevolence!!

    Valli, I have been practising mudras for quite sometime now and read a lot on the net too…

    I came across an article which detailed the relationship of the five elements with each other….the article stated that we must first increase the earth element in our body if we have to increase the water element and so on….correct me if I am wrong when I say that to counter-act dry skin, we must first hold the prithvi mudra and then the varun mudra one after the other??

    Also, which sequence is to be followed on a regular basis….for vata dosha….morning mudra….post lunch mudra….sleep time mudra???

    I have also read somewhere that we must regularly practise detoxification mudra…but the chinese practitioners insist on keeping the kidneys healthy…so does the detox mudra (thumb on the inner side of the ring finger) weaken the kidney with an over-load?

    It is claimed that the makar mudra helps heal dark circles around the eyes….I want to understand the funda of this mudra…fire and earth together then right thumb in the middle of the left palm… does this mudra work?

    I am a second degree reiki channel and often recommend mudras to my patients and some of them get instant relief too.

    Enlighten me.

    Thanx and love,

  83. i don know whether am asking the right question. But i feel a lot for every thing starting from silly to worse. do not have a strong heart to tell what i feel. i cry a lot. is there any MUDRA for curing the same?? how to say to make me strong in heart and mind.

  84. Valli,

    Please suggest me some mudra as I am suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and loss of libido. I am 28 years old….Please help….

  85. Hi Valli,

    I am suffering from erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.
    Please suggest me some mudra for this….please help….

  86. I really impreesed with this artical its good and I am also studying of mudras.

  87. You have provided detailed knowledge about mudras.I will try them.

  88. these are the great contributions from the Indian scientific and simple to follow. indeed a boon.

  89. Very useful and practical. Instruction are clear.
    Thank you

  90. Hai valli,

    Please tell me the mudras for long and strong hair… In past i have a thick hair.. But now i am lossing my hair.. Plese tell me a natural solution…

    Waiting for your reply

  91. could you tell me any mudra or remedy for activating the optic nerve . my wife ,in her late sixties ,suffers from retiniitis pigmentosa. you article is very helpful, we. pray for your wellbeing.

  92. Thanks for all the comments.


    Prana mudra should help you.

    @ Ramamurthy

    As of now we do not know any mudras for curing RP, but I can suggest you foods containing high content of vitamin C and A. Ask your wife to eat lots of pumpkins (if she is not diabetic, pumpkin halwa is the best).

    You can ask for triphala churna in any ayurvedic shop. Cow ghee also helps (should be avoided by diabetics). You can also try fresh linen seeds powder/ flower powder. But it should be taken in very less quantities as it generates lots of heat in the body.

  93. plz tell me about the negative effect of prithvi mudra if any , bcz i m going to do it with my wife, i want to know whom should do and whom shouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t do this. i have some bronchital problems, but after taking homeopathy medicine i got releif. plz suggest if i should do this.

  94. Dileep, you can do these mudras without fear. Linga Mudra is ideal for bronchial problems.

  95. hello, pls tell me mudra to cure irregular period problem having adenomydes around womb ( no medicines to cure adeno… now – as said by my doctor)
    +body tiredness
    +over weight


  96. Sudha, Mahasacral Mudra cures all types of menstural problems. Anulom-vilom Pranayama and asanas like Sarvangasana, Matyasana and Vakrasana is effective for irregular periods due to adenomydes. Prana Mudra is for fatigue and Surya Mudra is for over weight.

  97. hi valli..plzzz tell me one correct mudra to stop hair loss,promote hair growth,impart shine to hair & stop greying of hair….i’m22 & experiencing severe hair fall from past 1year…my major problem is that i’m losing my hair in the front part which is not good specially for girls…i can see a round gap in the front side…plzzz valli i’m not craving for a longg hair bt atleast i want some uniform hair without dispositions…i’m practising prasanna the past when i asked u abt this mudra u replied tht u r not so aware of this..hv u got any information about this now…plzz let me know…$indhu

  98. Sindhu, eat protein rich food. Massage your scalp and hair with almond oil or jojoba oil twice a week. Use herbal hair loss remedies.

  99. plzz i’m asking u if there is any mudra for hair growth……

  100. Hi,
    Iam 57 years old and since last year I have disbetes which is under control by a tablet dianil 1-0-1. To discontinue tablets which mudras (how lone) have to be done? while walking can mudras be done, will it have side effects? After how many days , its effects will be seen? Please help.

  101. Dear Valli,
    Are the linga mudra and vyan mudra safe to do in case one has high BP? Kindly advise.


  102. Sindhu, mudars alone cannot solve your problem. Take protein rich diet.
    Lakshmi, it is not recommended to discontinue the prescribed tablets wtihout the advice of your doctor. Prana Mudra and Apana Mudra help you. Mudras have no side effects as long as you follow the prescribed rules and time duration. Practicing mudras is a natural way to cure or prevent any disease and it takes longer time when compared to medication.
    Riya, Apana Vayu Mudra solves the problem of high blood pressure.

  103. Dear Valli,

    Actually my problem is a weak nervous system and also chest congestion, with a somewhat high BP of 140/80. What mudra would be right for me?


  104. Riya, in addition to Apana Vayu Mudra practice Udan Mudra and Asthma Mudra for your problems.

  105. Thank you, Valli:)

    Best Regards,

  106. I have cervical spondylitis with quite severe dizziness especially in the morning. Also, I have water retention problem in the legs. My legs start swelling after I wake up and start moving about. After night sleep it goes away.What mudra would be suitable for me?

  107. Sumita, Gyan Mudra, Vayu Mudra and Virasana help to solve all your problems.

  108. Thank you, Valli:) Also, what mudra can help me as I feel extremely fatigued in the morning, even after sleeping well in the night, which gradually gets lesser as the day progresses? Do I have a weak blood circulation. Also, I have quite severe constipation.


  109. Sumita, Prana Mudra and Apana Mudra cure your problems.

  110. Dear Valli,

    Can you suggest some mudras to be done everyday along with the duration of mudra to maintain good health always?


  111. Hi, everyone
    can any one tell me about which mudra is to be followed by a person having a problem of fits n his medicine is going on… if anyone is having the idea, then plz tell me

  112. Rohit, check the following article and do the required mudras:

  113. Abha, Vayu Mudra is beneficial for your problem. Check the remedies suggested in the following article:

  114. very good posting thanks

  115. Mudras do work , I suffer from chronic hyperventilation.
    Even had a severe panic attack last year

    Doing gyan mudra by lying down in shav asana , relieved me of my symptoms and I completely went off meds.
    Though once i got cured , i stopped doing it and my problem resumed.

    But none the less mudras absolutely amazing.

    Right now i am learning Diaphragmatic breathing ,along with regular practice of gyan mudra.

  116. Hello Valli, What mudra is suggested for hyperacidity?

    Many thanks.

  117. Anuj, thanks for the information.

    Anindita, practice Pran Mudra and Prithvi Mudra for your problem.

  118. Hi Valli, Raghu is my cousin who also uses my email id and laptop. Sorry for the confusion!

    I have q query: Are all the mudras that you suggest safe in case of high BP which I have? I am on Ayurvedic tablets to control my BP of 150/90.


  119. Hello Valli, Are there any mudras to cure chronic constipation, dry mouth and excessive thirst?

    Thank you.

  120. Anindita, mudras are safe to do. Try Apana Mudra and Varuna Mudra for the problems mentioned by you.

  121. hi

    hello.mrs valli iam 14 years old iam affected by pimples please give any use ideas to help me from the dangerous pimples

    thanking you

  122. Hello Valli,
    Many thanks for your advice!! Will the Vayu mudra help in rheumatoid arthritis? Also, will the pran mudra really improve vision?


  123. Hi,
    How are you doing? I have anxiety.i will do every work with tension,hurryness.even eating.because of this i will always have dry thoat,no saliva.i have indigestion,acidity.loss of appetite from 10 yrs.endless thoughts,lack of concentration from 8yrs.can you tell me which mudra is helpful for me?

  124. Hi Suhail, practice Gyan Mudra. Wash your face at least three to four times daily using herbal face wash and apply herbal face pack with neem, basil or sandalwood weekly once.

  125. Anindita, try Surabhi mudra (join the little finger of one hand with the ring finger of the other and vice versa. Similarly, join the forefinger with the middle finger of the other hand and vice versa. Leave the thumbs free) and Vayu Mudra. Also try these asanas (poses) for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Half Wheel, Bow, Plough, Head Stand, Backward Bend. Prana Mudra really improves your vision. Check out my article for improving vision:

  126. Shan, Gyan Mudra, Varun Mudra and Apana Mudra help you a lot.

  127. Hello Valli,

    Many thanks for your advice!! I shall try them out.
    Also, since I have multiple sclerosis, which is an autoimmune disease affecting the nervous system and muscular system, can you kindly suggest some mudras for me? I am in the initial stage and take many medicines which help me somewhat. There is no known cure in modern and traditional medical systems, so mudras might help me get better or at least stop the progress of disease.


  128. Hi Valli, Thanks for your advice. I shall try them out. I have multiple sclerosis—-an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous and muscular system. I am on many Ayurvedic medicines with nominal results. Can you suggest me some mudras to reduce my suffering?


  129. Sorry Valli for the double posting as it did not show the first time I submitted my issue.

  130. Anindita, Gyan Mudra helps you a lot. Poses like Mountain pose, Triangle pose and Warrior pose are beneficial for multiple sclerosis.

  131. Hello Valli,

    Thanks a lot for your advice. What about Udaan mudra? Will that be beneficial for the constant fatigue and body weakness that I have?


  132. Anindita, you can do Udan Mudra also. Since it has no specific duration, do it according to your convenience.

  133. Thank you, Valli!

  134. Hi Valli,

    This question is perhaps unrelated to your field, but will sleeping on 2 medium thickness mattresses on the floor make multiple sclerosis pain worse?

    I happen to like sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

  135. Anindita, what I heard is that as long as you feel comfortable with sleeping on floor, it won’t be a problem.

  136. Hi Valli, Thanks for your reply.


  137. Hi Valli,

    Hope U are doing good.:)

    As I am a patient of multiple sclerosis, I have extreme weakness in my legs and also swelling especially in the thighs. At different times of the daythe legs go stiff too. I am on Ayurvedic medicines which are slow to act. I feel very worried for my legs as most patients get badly affected there. Thankfully I am not a severe case of MS. Can you suggest a strong mudra for this problem? A mudra to especially strengthen the legs!!
    Will the Vayu Surabhi mudra help as MS is classified as a vata rog by Ayurveda? Kindly advise.

    Thanks and regards,

  138. Anindita, Gyan Mudra and Vayu Mudra are beneficial for your problem.

  139. Thank you, Valli.

  140. Hi Valli, I have a general query about mudras in the context of multiple sclerosis. What is the duration for which a mudra must be practised in a day so that there are visible results in a month?


  141. Anindita, each Mudra has specific duration and you should practice accordingly. I can understand your feelings. However it is not good to over practice Mudras. See, Mudras are natural so they work slowly. But you can see some improvement in leg pains, weakness, mood swings, constipation etc. within 3 months. You can feel better in 6 months and within a year you may get complete cure. All the best!

  142. Dear Valli,

    Thank you for your kind reply. As you have suggested the Gyan Mudra and Vayu Mudra for multiple sclerosis before, should I do each for 30 minutes per day, or more or less? I am confused about the duration. I do understand that multiple sclerosis can be cured, perhaps, in years only. So I want to know how to maximise the benefits of the Gyan and Vayu mudras without overdoing them as I certainly don’t want any adverse effects.

    Thanks a ton for all your guidance! It is a huge ray of HOPE for me faced with a seemingly incurable disease:)

  143. Anindita, Gyan Mudra has no specific time duration so do it for 15 or 20 minutes twice daily. The total time duration for Vayu Mudra is 45 minutes. You need not do it continuously for 45 minutes. Give a break of minute or two when u feel u cannot do. Or do it for 20 minutes in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening or whatever is convenient for you. Just make sure that the total time you exercise is 45 minutes. As I said earlier you will see the results within 3 months. Don’t worry! you will get complete cure with these mudras for your condition. May God bless you and help you!

  144. Dear Valli,

    Thank you so much for your hugely encouraging words. I finally see some light at the end of this dark tunnel of multiple sclerosis. I will let you know my status after 3 months.

    Thanks so much, once again!!

  145. Hi Valli,
    I have already started the mudras for multiple sclerosis. I feel very encouraged and hope to see results in 3 more months. By the way, can I stop my Ayurvedic medicines which I feel are really not working well ( I am on those medicines since 7 months and still not cured; I have too many symptoms still.) though it is from a famous Ayurvedic organization? Also, can I do the Gyan and Vayu mudra while lying in bed? What should be the position of the body for effective results if practising a mudra in bed?

    Thanks for all your guidance.
    Best regards,

  146. Hi Valli,

    Is it safe to do the Vayu mudra if I suddenly develop stiffness, weakness or pain in my legs while walking about in my neighborhood buying groceries or doing other chores?


  147. Anindita, don’t stop the medicines until you see some improvement with these mudras. You can practice these mudras by sitting, standing or lying on bed whenever and wherever you have time. Yeah, you can do Vayu Mudra when you feel severe problems with your condition. Also try poses like Mountain pose, Triangle pose and Warrior pose since they are beneficial for your symptoms.

  148. Hi Valli, Thank you for your reply. I am doing Vayu and Gyan mudra as advised by you since 11 days now.

    Since some months I have developed a dry mouth and an excessive thirst problem. I also cough quite a bit especiallly when I eat or drink anything. The throat gets especially parched when I am asleep due to which I have to wake up every 2-3 hours to drink water. I have hyper acidity and stomach bloating for which my doc has prescribed amla juice since yesterday. I have dry and strained eyes too. My doc knows abouta all these problems …but so far I see no improvement in the problem.

    Can you help me with some mudra suggestions?

    Thanks a lot.

  149. Hi Valli,

    Also are there any mudras to relieve the stress and the fear that MS patients often feel due to an uncertain future with regards to the disease esp since there is no cure either in allopathy, homeopathy or ayurveda?

    Many thanks.

  150. dear doctor,
    I am sudhir-male-49 years- from vasai-mumbai. I had slurring speech in the morning of 01july 2011 on 02 july i went to doctor who checked my BP which was 180/100.he advised me to see a specialistAsAP went to a NAVAL HOSPITAL HERE IN MUMBAI who gave me medicines ANd asked me to come on 05july 2011.yesterday went again BP was 122/84. and the doctor checked me physically and diagonosed BELLs PALSY. My speech slurs sometimes and my upper Lip twitches which My family members can see apart from this i dont feel anything. please help me doctor. will be highly obliged. thank you…….

  151. Hi Valli

    Please tell what is(are) the best mudra(s) for my complicated
    digestive problem which is as follow; very low agni, no appetide at all, very slow digestion, loose stools, coated white tongue, fatigued, not able to gain weight.

  152. Hi Valli,

    my question is a general one. How does one chose between many mudras for a single condition? For example, For weight loss there is gyan mudra, surya mudra, khaph nashaak mudra etc.

  153. Hi Valli,

    As I have multiple sclerosis, I would like to know if the Gyan mudra, which you had suggested I do in May 2011, can cure the brain lesions and prevent new brain lesions in multiple sclerosis patients.

    Brain lesions is the actual culprit for all the physical problems that MS patients have.

    Also, I am doing the Gyan and Vayu mudras as suggested by you everyday… has been 2 months now. Well, I am hopeful of seeing good improvement in my physical condition in August end, next month.

    Do you know of any Ayurvedic or homeo medicines for MS?

    Thanks for your help.:)

  154. Sudhir seth, Gyan Mudra, Vayu Mudra and Pranayama are beneficial for your problem.

    Raymond, Apana Mudra, Vayu Mudra and Gyan Mudra help you a lot in treating your problems.

  155. Knitoncrochet, that depends on the symptoms associated with the condition. Fox example, for losing weight both Surya Mudra and Kapha Nashak Mudra are beneficial. But the difference is Surya Mudra increases fire element and decreases earth element in body whereas Kapha Nashak Mudra increases fire and water elements and decreases water and earth elements. So you can check the suitable mudras which give the best results for your condition by practicing them.

  156. Anindita, I too hope better for your condition. Asanas like Tadasana,Trikonasana and Virabhadrasana help in alleviating the symptoms associated with your condition. Ashwagandharishta and Triphala-Ghrut are recommended medicines in Ayurveda.

  157. Hi Valli, Thank you for your reply. We missed ypu for a long time. What mudra is recommended for 1. Head congestion. 2. Dizziness?

    Do you also advise on acupressure points for ailments?

    Mnay thanks.

  158. Hi Valli,

    thanks for your reply. I have a follow up question. How can I determine which element I need to increase/decrease in my body?


  159. Thank you, Anindita. Mahasir Mudra and Virasana are beneficial in solving the problems mentioned by you. If you have severe pain, you can try acupressure too.

    Knitoncrochet, it can be identified depending on the symptoms.

  160. Hi Valli,

    Are there any mudras to bring down a fever? Also, I seem to be feeling cold all the time.
    Just to remind you, I have multiple sclerosis.


  161. Anindita, Varuna Mudra and Linga Mudra solve your problem.
    Check the following link for procedure and duration:

  162. Hi Valli,

    Thanks for your reply. You are my guardian angel:) I am sure many will agree.

    Best regards,

  163. Hi Valli,

    For my multiple sclerosis (MS) I have been doing Vayu mudra (30 mins) and Gyan mudra (30 mins) in the morning around 4 am everyday since June 2011 as suggested by you.

    To make the healing faster, is it alright if I do Vayu Surabhi (20 mins) (for MS) and Prithvi Surabhi (20 mins) (for chronic digestive problem) in the evening about 8 pm everyday?

    I hope it won’t be too much for the body as the Surabhi mudras are strong and effective as per a mudras’ book that I had bought last year.

    Since the past 2 days I have switched over to homeopathic medicines for MS as after 9 months of Ayurveda, I have not got much results for my problems of chronic digestive problem, inflammation around mouth, weakness and shakiness in the body on movement, leg weakness, fluctuating vision, eyes always tired and strained, dry mouth and insomnia. The brain fog and dizziness are a little less since 15 days. I am happy about that.


  164. Okay Anindita, do surabhi mudra in the evening as per your convenience. I am happy about your improvement in some of your symptoms. Though the results are minute at this time, it is an indication for your betterment in future.

  165. Hi Valli,

    This is my third month running (started them in June 2011) of Vayu and Gyan mudras as per your suggestion for MS. The constipation problem seems to be gone for atleast a month now and my mood swings are lesser than before.

    However, the legs’ and whole body weakness are still an area of concern as well as insomnia, stomach malabsorption, inflammation around mouth and the always tired and strained eyes. I shall continue with your mudras and the homeo medicines.

    I guess I will improve more with some more time. Thanks for all your help and encouragement.


  166. Hi Valli,

    Can the Akash mudra done regularly for 10-15 mins help in maintaining bone and skeletal health which is often a concern for MS patients? Of course, I do take Shelcal calcium tablets too which people say are not good for everyday use for years and years.

    So, is the Akash mudra plus a healthy and balanced diet enough to maintain good bones?

    Kindly advise.


  167. Anindita, Try the following home remedry for the inflammation around the mouth. Take 5 leaves of jasmine and 5 leaves of guava and clean them. Chew thoroughly for some time and spit it after that. Don’t swallow it. Daily do this for some days and observe if there is any improvement.

    Practice Akash Mudra. Take calcium rich diet like milk, yogurt, sesame seeds, almonds, spinach, soy, tofu, beans, broccoli, cheese etc.

  168. Dear Valli,

    Thank you for your reply. However getting hold of guava and jasmine leaves is impossible where I stay. I hope the homeo meds that I am taking now can fix the prob as it is due to the stomach malabsorption prob according to my docs. Also, due to MS I am not allowed any dairy, bakery, deep fried and non-veg items. So, I am in quite a situation regarding Calcium. I have all dry fruits, apples and dates. Also, rice,. moong dal, beetroot, carrots, spinach, onion, garlic, ginger and bottle gourd; and Shelcal tabs, a tablet to strengthen the eyes, Vitamin B12 tabs and blackseed oil.

    I request your opinion on this MS diet prescribed by my docs. Is it too rigid or do you feel it is alright? MS treatment is very chaotic.

    Also, I get sudden pains in any part of my body. Will the Vayu mudra help in those pains?

    Thanks and regards,

  169. Hi Valli,

    Are there any mudras for insomnia which I am suffering from since a few months.

    I can go to sleep easily at 10 pm but I wake up by 3 am every morning and then I can’t go back to sleep again. Even if I sleep before or after 10 pm, I still I wake up about 3 am!!

    My legs seem to feel stronger since a day or two, thanks to the Gyan and Vayu mudras that you had suggested I do 3 months ago. I intend doing them forever if they can cure my multiple sclerosis. Is that alright? I am also on homeo medicines.


  170. Anindita, take the diet whichever is suited for your condition. Vayu Mudra helps to treat those sudden pains you got. Gyan Mudra is effective in treating insomnia. Along with it try these remedies when you woke up early in the morning. Rub a little sesame seed oil on your soles. Rub nutmeg with water on a stone and apply the paste to temples. You can do it before going to bed. This helps for sound sleep.

  171. Thanks a lot for your reply, Valli.

  172. Hi Valli,
    I have much pain in my shoulder, knees and neck. But I have no complaint. What can I do?
    Thanks a lot,

  173. Hi Valli,

    I always get a tight feeling in my midriff on eating or drinking anything. Sometimes there is a burning feeling too. It causes me much physical discomfort and mental distress too. I had been doing the Prithvi and and Pran mudra for quite some time as per your advice for hyperacidity. But not much effect. I dont want to take antacids as they are bad for my health especially as I have multiple sclerosis. Is there any mudra to cure this problem?


  174. Dear Valli, A friend of mine is suffering from kidney problems. Currently, he is undergoing dialysis. His family has registered for a kidney donor as doctors say one new kidney will help him. He is leading an active life otherwise. Can any mudra/s cure him, as he does not want surgery?


  175. John Looijen, Apana Vayu Mudra and Vayu Mudra are beneficial to you.

  176. Anindita, along with the mudras take herbal teas twice daily. Pranayama and deep breathing exercises also help to some extent. Apana Mudra is helpful for your friend in treating kidney problems. Also check this article for other natural remedies for kidney diseases.

  177. Thank you, Valli.

  178. Hi Valli,
    I seem to have a permanently blocked left nostril since almost a year. My sinuses feel clogged all the time. I do steam inhalation, use tiger balm, vicks inhaler, etc but no permanent impact as such. As a result I have difficulty in breathing all the time and can’t do anulom-vilom pranayam which is important to tackle multiple sclerosis. Is there any mudra to cure this problem of chocked sinuses?


  179. Anindita, Shoonya Mudra, Surya Mudra and Mahasir Mudra help you. You can try any one of them or all of them one by one.

  180. Hi Valli, Thanks for your reply. As you may remember I started doing the Gyan and Vayu mudras for my MS related problems as per your advice in May end. While I was not expecting anything dramatic within 3 months, but I do not see substantial change either. Should I continue both Vayu and Gyan for some more time or do you suggest any changes in the mudras?
    Current bothersome symptoms: dizziness, brain fog, depression and sadness, strained and blurry vision, no appetite, excessive thirst, dry mouth, blocked sinuses, moderate weakness and shakiness in body on movement and slow digestion (also inflammation around mouth). Also, if I try any execise I get real bad pain in the body that lasts atleast a day, so I do not do the yogasanas (virbhadra, trikon . tadasan, etc) you had suggested. I am on homeo meds since 5th August.

    Thanks and regards,

  181. Hi Valli, Is there any mudra to prevent diabetes?


  182. Dear Valli. Thanks for your advice. I feel better already!
    I have a “strange” question. My dog ​​now has cancer. What can I do for him?

  183. Hi Valli,

    I get vague sudden pains in my body due to multiple sclerosis.
    Will doing the Vayu mudra at that time help to get rid of the pain?Also, can doing the Vayu mudra daily help to prevent arthritis?

    If not, then which mudra can prevent arthritis?
    I am sorry I pester you so often, but the trouble with multiple sclerosis is new health probems everyday.:(

    Thanks a lot.

  184. Hi Valli,

    What are the benefits of oil pulling for someone like me with multiple sclerosis? Can it help to strengthen gums and teeth as at 42 I seem to be deveIoping dental weakness of old age due to MS, though I am a brush and floss twice a day person!! Also, any mudras for dental health?

    Is the Blackseed oil especialy beneficial in curing MS? Would you be knowing about it?

    What yogasanas can be done to prevent an MS relapse?
    I would like to do them later when my body has proper strength as right now I am too weak.

    Many thanks.

  185. John, some herbal remedies like red clover help your dog. Check them over the internet.

  186. Anindita, continue the suggested mudras until to see the results. Apana Mudra is beneficial for diabetes. Yeah, Vayu Mudra is helpful for those sudden pains and arthritis. Apana Mudra and Akash Mudra help in getting healthy teeth. Oil pulling also cures many problems. Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I) and Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Pose II), and Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) help for your problem. Blackseed oil is also beneficial for your condition.

  187. Dear Valli,

    Thanks a million for all your replies. I don’t know what would I have done without your help. You are truly a Godsend!

    May God always be with you and blessing you in your noble path of helping the sick.

    Thanks, once again.:)

  188. Hi Valli,

    I have the following queries for my brother’s hernia and sister-in-law’s fibroids. They are undergoing homepathic treatment. Are there any mudras that can make the healing process faster?


  189. Anindita, Ashwini Mudra and Vajroli Mudra and asanas like
    Sarvanga asana, Matsya asana, Paschimothan Asana, Pawan muktasana, Ushtra Asana, Utthan Pada asana and Vajra Asana help in treating your brother\’s condition. Let him try Anuloma Viloma Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) too.

    Maha Sacral Mudra, Ashwini Mudra and Anuloma Viloma Pranayama are beneficial for your sister-in-law.

  190. Hello Valli,
    My uncle has at this moment a legionella infection. What for mudra is good for him? Thank you much!

  191. John, Prithvi Mudra and Prana Mudra are beneficial for your uncle to some extent.

  192. Thank you Valli. You’re the best!

  193. Hi Valli.

    I have white blood cell count of 10.2 ; range: 4.0-10.0
    Lymphocytes: 16; range: 20-40

    I have multiple sclerosis. Are there any mudras to normalize the above counts?


  194. Anindita, do Prana Mudra and Sarvangasana for your problems.

  195. Hi Valli, Thank your for your reply. Since a week I have been noticing stomach pain after eating food. What mudra would help?


  196. Anindita, Apan Mudra and Vayu Mudra are beneficial for your problem.

  197. Thanks, Valli.

  198. Dear Valli, As I have multiple sclerosis, I suffer from a lot of fatigue, headaches and brainfog. Please suggest some mudras.
    I am still doing the Vayu and Gyan mudras for 30 mins a day as you had suggested in May 2011.


  199. Anindita, in addition to mudras, take Chamomile tea and soothing baths with Chamomile. Take Evening primrose oil (EPO) supplement 500 mg daily for reducing the symptoms of MS. Consult your physician for dosage of EPO.

  200. Thanks Valli.

  201. Hi Valli, What mudra will improve my blood circulation as my doctor says my circulation is weakened due to MS.


  202. Anindita, Prana Mudra helps you. You can try massage with lavender essential oil or chamomile essential oil. If you have no problem to add onion or garlic to your diet, you can.

  203. Thank you Valli.

  204. Hi Valli, Can a person in her seventies who has had paralysis for years be helped with mudras? Medicines have not been of much help.

    Thanks for your kind advice in advance.


  205. Anindita, Prana Mudra helps to some extent. Parvatasana, Ardhamatsyendrasana and Mandukasana also beneficial. There are some herbal and ayurvedic remedies for paralysis. I will check them and let you know.

  206. Hi Valli,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have a question regarding my multiple sclerosis.
    1. Has any other patient of yours been cured by doing Vayu and Gyan mudra which I am doing since June 2011? I see very small improvement in my body ’s condition.
    2. Currently I am bothered a lot by weakness and shakiness in the body and pain on movement. I am unable to do any yogasan suggested by you as it causes acute pain. What mudra will be helpful?


  207. Hi Valli,
    My mother suffers many years from severe incontinence. What do you recommend?
    Thank you!

  208. John, Apana Mudra and Varuna Mudra are beneficial for your mother.

  209. Anindita, some multiple sclerosis patients observed some improvement in their symptoms due to these mudras. They have also been doing these for 4 or 5 months. Since MS is a chronic condition, it takes a lot of time for complete betterment. If you are unable to do the Yogasanas, don’t try them until your body supports to do. Add nuts and honey to your diet for energy if you have no problem with them.

  210. Dear Valli,

    Thanks a lot.


  211. Thank you Valli,
    I have another question. Since 13 years I have chronic depressions. What would you recommend?

  212. Hi Valli,

    Happy Diwali!!

    I have developed low BP of late.The reading is 105/80.
    I have lightheadedness all the time.

    What mudra will help to normalize it?


  213. John, Gyan Mudra helps you a lot.

  214. Anindita, thanks and wish you the same.
    Prithvi Mudra, Surya Mudra, Shunya Mudra and Vayu Mudra are beneficial for your conditions.

  215. sir i have a problem of constipation(from 4-5 years), m very lean(55kg at 26 years) n recently having hair loss also loss of appetite(chronic), insomnia , please suggest me something n please suggest a mudra which i can perform while walking, can i perform prithvi mudra while walking..???
    please do reply.

  216. Gaurav, Gyan Mudra, Prithvi Mudra, Apana Mudra are beneficial for your conditions. You can do these mudras anytime i.e. walking, lying down or any other time you find it comfortable.

  217. Hello Valli,
    Thank you for your advice about my depression. I do appreciate it. You advised me the Gyan mudra. However I read somewhere on the internet that the Gyan mudra increases vata. I have a vata constitution. Is it wise for me to practice the Gyan mudra?
    Once again I am looking forward to your answer. Thank you in advance!

  218. John, though Gyan Mudra increases Vata, it improves the functions of brain and helps in the movement of impulses among nerves. However practice it moderately since you have vata constitution. Practice it between 4am to 6am if you can for better results.

  219. Thankxxxxxxxxxxx Valli!

  220. Hi Valli,
    A friend of mine has a vocal cord (left side) that has failed. It is irreversible according to doctors. What for mudra would you advise?
    Thanks a lot!

  221. John, Gyan Mudra and Bhramari Pranayama are beneficial for your friend.

  222. Again, thanks a lot Valli!

  223. Hi Valli,

    Hope you are doing good. I am a little okay…which is encouraging, though I alternate between good and bad days due to the MS that I have..

    My brother has had asthma since his teen years (he is 46 now). While homeo meds almost cured him a few years ago, he still gets frequent bouts of ashthmatic coughing esp in winter. It causes distress to him and to us in the family. Please suggest a fast acting mudra/s for him.

  224. Anindita, don’ worry! You will see complete improvement if not in a day or two, but certainly in future. Bronchial and Asthma mudras are beneficial for your brother. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama also helps a lot for asthma.

  225. Hi Valli,

  226. Dear Valli,

    You are doing a great job, by healping so many who are looking out for help! Keep it up!

    My issues are Poly Cyctic Overies for past 10 yrs. Now hairfall.
    I shall practice the mudra for weight loss from now on, as that will help with curing POC. Is there any mudra fro controlling massive hairfall?
    My concerns are for my 8 yrs old daughter, with mild scoliosis, she falls down often, runs crooked, and all these are interrelated.
    Can mudras help to strighten that.

    Thank you.

  227. Hi valli,

    i have been diagnosed with a fibroid ( 12mm) recently, am overweight, and less motivated, am taking ayurvedic medicines, when I saw my Dr for fibriod( allopathy dr) she said fibriod will never be completely cured? Is that correct, Can you please tell me with the help of some mudras will it be completely cured and aslo within how many months? planning to get pregnent soon. kindly help, am not sure about maha sacral mudra, tried to see image but not clear, please explain

  228. D, Surya Mudra and Mahasacral Mudra are beneficial PCOS. Trikonasana, Bhujangasana, Surya Namaskar and Pranayama are also helpful for you. Prithvi Mudra and Prana Mudra are useful for growing thick and long hair.

    Julie, Ashwini Mudra, Mahasacral Mudra (join the tips of two little fingers while two ring fingers touch the tips of thumbs for 3 minutes and join the tips of two ring fingers while the two little fingers touch the tips of thumbs for 3 minutes) and Anuloma Viloma Pranayama are beneficial for uterine fibroid. It takes at least 3 months to see some improvement in your condition.

  229. Dear Valli, Thank you for your kind reply.

    I request you to suggest a mudra/s for an elderly lady of 74 years whose left eye vision is badly impaired due to her diabetes.
    Also, she has a somewhat severe bloating, gas and constipation problem.

    Talking about my MS, I am still doing the Gyan and Vayu mudras for 30mins each every day. Since a month I have developed severe constipation. I have to take Kayam churna (ayurvedic med of Sheth Bros, Gujarat) to relieve the problem but I want to stop it and normalize the body. Do you suggest any different mudras for me or should I just continue doing the above two, i.e Vayu and Gyan mudras.

    Thanks and regards,

  230. Anindita, let her practice Surya Mudra for some improvement in her condition. Vayu Mudra is beneficial for constipation. If you don’t find any improvement with it, then try Varuna Mudra and Surya Mudra. You can also practice Surya Namaskara if you have no problem.

  231. Dea Valli, Thank you for your kind reply.

    I suffer from uncontrolleable bouts of shivering often and I feel very cold too. Especially the hands and feet feel icy.The temperature in Kolkata is 10 degrees Celsius nowadays.
    I stay wrapped up in woolens all day, yet I don’t stop feeling cold.

    Is there any mudra to help me? I have multiple sclerosis too.

    Thanks a lot.

  232. Anindita, Linga Mudra helps you to some extent.

  233. Thank you, Valli. Wish you a Happy New Year in advance:)

  234. Thank you Anindita and wish you the same.

  235. Dear Valli,

    A friend of mine in her 60s had a hip bone fracture and consequently a steel implant for the fractured bone. Since a month she has been experiencing pain in that area…pain killers are not helping her much. most likely she will have to undergo another surgery, but before that are there any mudras she could do to reduce the pain?


  236. Anindita, I am not sure how much this mudra can help her, but let her try Prithvi Mudra. Basic yogasanas also help her, but can she do these with pain? If she can do, these asanas are recommended: Sukhasana, Ananda Balasana, Baddha Konasana

  237. Hi Valli, Thank you for your reply.
    Are there any specific yogasans known to you to cure asthma and general respiratory problems like a blocked nose, persistent dry cough, etc?


  238. Hi Valli, What mudras are suggested for someone with early-stage Parkinson’s disease?


  239. Anindita, Linga Mudra, Surya Mudra and Akash Mudra are helpful for asthma and blocked nose. Asanas like Sukhasana, Matyasana, Chakrasana and Bhujangasana are also beneficial for asthma. Vayu Mudra and Apana Vayu Mudra are recommended for Parkinson’s disease.

  240. Thanks, Valli.

  241. Hi Valli, Is there any mudra to reduce abdominal fat (paunch)? Also, can doing Kapalbhati pranayam cause fibroids, as some one I know is blaming Kapalbhati for her fibroids?

  242. Hi Valli, A friend of mine had a car accident and there are 3 fractures in her leg. The leg is in a cast. Will the Akash mudra help in faster healing?


  243. Hi Valli,
    I need some mudra guidance for my current MS-related problems. I have a lot of weakness and shakiness (since a week), sometimes pain too, in the body esp on movement (I feel as if all my cells are too weak to move and hence are straining to move the body), slight tremors, stiffness, weakness and pain in the legs esp on movement. ( I have been doing the Vayu and Gyan mudras, 30 mins each in the morning daily since June 2011). My mobility is thus affected which is distressing. Am I making a mistake by doing the above two mudras? Please advise a remedy.


  244. Anindita, sorry for the late reply as I am busy with other things. Surya Mudra is an effective mudra for abdominal fat. Though Kapalbhati Pranayam is beneficial for most of the people, it may be dangerous for some people especially when they are suffering from heart problems and hernia. Hence, it should be practiced under the supervision of trained Yoga teacher. Yeah, Akash Mudra helps her. Prithvi Mudra is also helpful for her. I don’t think Vayu and Gyan Mudra affect your mobility negatively; but to check it, reduce the practicing time of both the mudras to 15 minutes each and let me know your condition.

  245. Dear Valli, Thank you for your reply, I shall certainly let you know the result on my MS of reducing the duration of Gyan and Vayu mudras to 15 minutes each.

  246. Dear Valli, I have reduced the duration of Vayu and Gyan mudras to 15 mins each since yesterday. I will let you know the outcome.

    Please clarify if the Surya Mudra is suitable for me to reduce a slight paunch.
    What should be the duration? Also, my brother (47 years) has a big paunch and underwent homeo treatment for hernia 6 months ago. As Kapalbhati is not safe for him, will the Surya mudra help in reducing his paunch? Again, what duration? Also, is it important to know whether the body type is vata, pitta or kafa or can anyone do the Surya mudra to reduce abdominal fat?
    What is the general safe limit for any mudra when an expert’s supervision is not available?


  247. Anindita, you can do Surya Mudra for 5 to 15 minutes twice daily. Yeah, your brother can also practice it. It is safe for all body types, but the persons with excess of pitta can practice it moderately. The minimum duration of mudra is generally safe if you do not know your body type and lack of expert’s supervision.

  248. Thanks, Valli.

  249. Hi Valli, Need a little clarification about the Surya mudra. Can it be done after meals or should it be done only on an empty stomach? What about all the other mudras?

  250. Anindita, the ideal time for all the mudras is, early in the morning or in the evening.

  251. Thanks you, Valli. Is there any mudra to cure snoring?

  252. Anindita, Bhramari and Anuloma Viloma Pranayama help in reducing snoring. You can check this article for procedure:

  253. Hi Valli, Thank you for your earlier reply.

    To recall, I have multiple sclerosis. I am doing the Vayu and Gyan mudras for 30 mins a day, early in the morning. Reducing their duration had no positive impact on my mobility, so I continued with 30 mins each.

    Since a week or so, my digestive problems of hyper-acidity, bloating, gas and constipation got more severe!! There is reflux too and I have a burning feeling in my throat all the time. I am taking homeo meds too….but still. This is causing me a lot of discomfort and distress.

    Kindly suggest some mudra/s.


  254. Anindita, I am sorry to hear that your problems are becoming worse. You are doing the correct mudras i.e. Vayu Mudra and Gyan Mudra. However they are not helping you, you can try Pawanmuktasana and Tadasana. Take 10ml of ginger juice with equal amount of fine quality honey early in the morning daily; that may ease your symptoms.

  255. Thank you, Valli. However, will continuing the Gyan and Vayu mudras iltimately cure me of multiple sclerosis?

  256. Yeah, you can continue them.

  257. Hi Valli, What mudra is suitable for mouth ulcers?


  258. Hi Valli, What mudras are suitable for mouth ulcers and frozen shoulder?

  259. Anindita, Prana Mudra and Prithvi Mudra are beneficial for mouth ulcers, and Vayu Mudra and Apana Vayu Mudra are helpful for frozen shoulder.

  260. Hi Valli,
    A girlfriend of mine has clogged arteries in leg.What for mudra would you advise?
    Thanks a lot!

  261. John, Apana Vayu Mudra is very useful for all types of cardiac problems. Also check out this article:

  262. Thanks a lot Valli!

  263. hi

    what mudra should be used for high blood pressure


  264. Chandra, Prana Mudra, Apana Vayu Mudra and Akash Mudra are beneficial for high blood pressure.

  265. Hello Valli,
    A friend of mine has chronic fatigue. What can help him?

  266. Hi Valli,
    I am in the habit of doing the Prithvi mudra along with my morning prayers, immediately after taking bath. My query is, whether it is allowed to do Prithvi mudra (or other mudras) immediately after taking bath?


  267. John, Prana Mudra is beneficial for fatigue.

    Hari, you can do; there is no problem.

  268. Hi Valli,
    Thanks for your advice!

  269. Hi Valli, What mudra is recommended for low blood pressure?

  270. Hi Valli, I have multiple sclerosis, if you recall. Since a fortnight my stomach has been constantly uneasy; constipation is routine; and I have no appetite at all. The thought of eating puts me off completely. It is like the digestive enzymes etc. in my stomach have stopped working.
    I have been feeling very sad and hopeless and scared about the disease as I dont see any change in my physical condition.

    I do the Vayu and Gyan mudras as per your advice for 20mins a day in the morning on empty stomach.

    Is there any mudra for teh above stomach issue?


  271. Anindita, Prithvi Mudra and Shunya Mudra are beneficial for low blood pressure.

    Sorry to hear that your problems are becoming worse. Do the following mudras for the complaints mentioned by you:

    Vyan Mudra and Surya Mudra for loss of appetite

    Apana Mudra for constipation

    Surya Mudra for indigestion and

    Prana Mudra for immunity

    Hope you will get relief soon!

  272. Thanks Valli.

  273. Hi Valli,
    A person (73 years) I know has suffered two mild strokes.

    Are there any mudras to prevent future strokes?


  274. Hi Valli,

    This has reference to the preceding post. The old person may need a pacemaker insertion which she wants to avoid. Are there any mudras in such a case or any other alternative/holistic option?


  275. Anindita, Apana Vayu Mudra, Prana Mudra and Akash Mudra help her to some extent.

  276. Hi Valli,

    Since a fortnight I have been getting horrible bouts of coughing all day, esp when I am eating.

    Is there any mudra to control it? Or should I have raw garlic as I read somewhere it helps in dry cough?



  277. Also, what mudra helps in a pulled/pinched nerve?

  278. Hi Valli,
    I had the past week various cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats for long time), but the Apana Vayu Mudra did not help. Do you have sugestions?

  279. Hi Valli,
    I had the past week various cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats for long time), but the Apana Vayu Mudra did not help. Do you have sugestions?

  280. Anindita, Vayu mudra treats dry cough as well as pinched nerve. You can also take crushed garlic with honey to get instant relief from cough.

    John, Apana Vayu Mudra is beneficial for all types of cardiovascular conditions (but it did not help you, so stop practicing it). Instead, practice Shavasana and Pranayama (breathing techniques for beginners). If you don’t see any improvements with these, immediately consult a physician.

  281. Thanks you Valli!

  282. Thanks Valli

  283. Dear Valli,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have a general question about mudras.

    Should a patient with an ailment whether serious or minor continue doing mudras even when their benefits are not apparent after more than a year of mudra practice?

    Does such a situation mean the mudras are not working or are working very slowly at a subtle level and hence continuing the practice will ultimately lead to a disease-free state of the body?

    Best regards,


  284. Hi Valli, A teenaged boy of 18 years has been getting boils that ooze blood and pus since 3 years. They are not itchy but sometimes slightly painful. Ayurveda and homeo meds have given temporary relief only.

    What home remedies or mudras would help him?


  285. Anindita, the healing power of mudras depends on the body type and the severity of condition. However, you can stop practicing them if you don’t see any improvement in your condition even after the practice of more than a year. If you observe any difference i.e. any negative effect after stopping the practice, then start practicing them again (because it indicates that mudras are working slowly on your body). Otherwise there is no problem in stopping them. You can start practicing them again when you feel it is necessary.

    Regarding boils, I recommend you to consult a good physician who can give you antibiotics, and creams for topical application to cure them.

  286. Hi Valli, What mudra is recommended for stomach ulcers?



  287. Anindita, Prithvi Mudra is helpful for stomach ulcers.

  288. Thanks.

  289. Hi Valli, I have been getting small painless blisters on my lips since a week.

    What mudra would help? My lips appear redder than their natural color as well.


  290. Anindita, apply any one of the following on blisters to treat them.

    Olive oil, aloe vera gel, milk cream or mixture of honey and turmeric. Herbal ointments will also help you.

  291. Thanks Valli. What mudra would help in preventing osteoporosis?
    Is it the Akash mudra?

  292. Anindita, Prithvi Mudra is beneficial for osteoporosis. Milk, soy, almond milk, sesame seeds and dandelion tea are some recommended foods for treating osteoporosis.

  293. Hi Valli,

    I read somewhere that consuming cold-pressed coconut oil is hugely beneficial in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

    Would you be knowing somethig about it?


  294. Anindita, I too read that matter over the net, but not sure about its reliability. You can use it in small quantities in recipes but consult your regular physician before using.

  295. Hi Valli,

    I am really glad I found your site n read your helpful comments for many. My father is suffering from essential tremor in the right hand. His hand shakes from time to time. What would you suggest for him? Is Apan Mudra helpful? He has BP and is also a hernia patient.


  296. Meenu, Vayu Mudra and Apana Vayu Mudra are very helpful to him. Pranayama also helps him (if he can do). Many people prefer natural and herbal treatments because they help in lessening the impact.

  297. Hi Valli,

    I am facing extreme weakneAss, stiffness in body and balance issues when I move. I am slo dropping things and have limb coordination probs.What mudra would help me? BTW, I have multiple sclerosis.


  298. Thanks a lot, valli. My father is quite happy to receive your advice. Is it anuloma viloma that you mean by pranayama? Or is it something else? I appreciate you greatly for the time you take to help strangers like this.

  299. Anindita, I am sorry to hear this, I would suggest you to consult your physician immediately for medication to get instant relief from the symptoms (since Mudras are slow in working).

    Meenu, Pranayama has many types and Anuloma Viloma is one of them. Check the following article to know about various techniques:

    Let your father practice his convenient technique.

  300. Hi Valli, What mudra is suitable for numbness in body?

  301. Anindita, Vayu Mudra and Shunya Mudra are recommended for numbness in body.

  302. hi valli,

    u r dng xclnt job here…

    I have been suffering from ibs(diarrhea) since 2006…

    is there any mudra to recover from this

    Also, how many mudras we can/should do in a day. bcoz i planned to do 5.



  303. Hi valli,

    one of my friend(gay), he is much interested in male rather than female. But he doesnt want to be a gay.any mudra for him??? Being a good room mate to me he says that he always urge towards sex when he see new men. any ways to recover??


  304. Hi Valli,
    A friend of mine wants to get rid of smoking. Is there a mudra for?

  305. Kumanan, Apana Mudra, Vyan Mudra and Prithvi Mudra are helpful for your problem. There is no limitation on the number of mudras you can do on a regular basis; if you have time, you can do all of them; but many people generally prefer to practice limited number of mudras that may help them to get relief from their conditions.

    Rajan, there is no mudra for your friend. It is not a medical problem to be healed and to my knowledge many people did not change even after psychiatric counseling. It is just the way he is.

    John, there are no mudras for your friend to get rid of smoking; but Pranayama, meditation and some asanas can help him.


  307. please suggest mudras for diabetes frequent urination premature ejaculation and sever bloating. also what mudras for shifted navel nabhi

  308. Jayant, here is a detailed description about each of the condition you asked:
    • Prana Mudra and Apana Mudra – Diabetes
    • Apana Vayu Mudra – Bloating
    • Gyan Mudra and Vyan Mudra – Frequent urination
    • Ashwini Mudra – Premature ejaculation.

    It is better to consult a good Yoga Practitioner to treat shifted navel center.

  309. Hi Valli,

    Hope you are doing good.

    Please suggest a strong mudra for hyperacidity and bad bouts of coughing due to it.


  310. Hi, with reference to above, the bouts of coughing happen the moment I try to eat solid food or talk at mAy normal pitch. I have to talk real soft, else I start coughing.

  311. Anindita, Prithvi Mudra and Prana Mudra are beneficial for hyper acidity. Linga Mudra is beneficial for cough; if you are having dry cough try Vayu Mudra.

  312. Thanks.

  313. hi Valli, is there any mudra to get period 2 days after or 2 days before like this. at the same time my right hand gets numbness daily in the morning time hours.

  314. hi valli,
    i ve corn in my foot is there any mudra.

  315. Malligarajesh, there are no mudras to prepone or postpone the menses (Mahasacral Mudra helps you, if you have irregular periods). But certain home remedies are available in different websites for that; you can check them out. Vayu Mudra and Akash Mudra are good remedies for numbness. Use corn caps for your corn.

  316. Hi valli,

    Hope u r gud…

    i am very weak and lean.

    Need to know mudra and its sequence to gain weight rapidly



  317. Kumanan, Prithvi Mudra solves your problem.

  318. i am 22 yr old girl…
    can u sugst any yoga to incrs my height..thanku

  319. Hi Valli, Hope U R doing good. To recall, I have multiple sclerosis and I had sought your advice earlier in this page.

    I want to know of a mudra/mudras to help the following:
    1. Bouts of dry cough which leaves me feeling exhausted; some relief is felt with salt water gargle for an hour or so, then it returns.
    2. Scratchy feeling in my throat;
    3. Tightness in my midriff area.


  320. Priya, check out the following article:

    Anindita, try the following for the symptoms mentioned by you:

    1. Vayu Mudra is beneficial for dry cough
    2. Boil one cup water by adding some basil leaves and gargle with this after it becomes lukewarm. This is useful for dry cough as well as sore throat.
    3. Herbal teas made from ginger, chamomile, mint and cinnamon helps you in solving tightness in midriff.

  321. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the mudras I can do for severe joint pain releif.I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it gets worse during winters.

  322. Maya, try Surabhi mudra (join the little finger of one hand with the ring finger of the other and vice versa. Similarly, join the forefinger with the middle finger of the other hand and vice versa. Leave the thumbs free) and Vayu Mudra. Also try these asanas (poses) for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Half Wheel, Bow, Plough, Head Stand, Backward Bend.

  323. Hi Valli, I have multiple sclerosis. In an earlier post of 29 July 2011 above you have suggested ashwagandharishta and triphala-grut.

    However, in Organic India online site ashwagandha capsules and triphala capsules are availabe.

    Will they help me?


  324. Hi Valli, I have multiple sclerosis. In an earlier post of 29 July 2011 above you have suggested ashwagandharishta and triphala-grut.

    However, in Organic India online site ashwagandha capsules and triphala capsules are availabe.

    Will they help me?


  325. Yes Anindita, I guess they will certainly help you. But use them in small doses and check the impact on your body before starting the regular usage.

  326. Thanks, Valli

  327. Hi Valli,
    My aunt had a cataract operation. She got a new lens, but it does not attach to her eye. What is your advice?

  328. John, I cannot advice on this sensitive issue. Please follow the advice of your physician who has done the surgery.

  329. Hi Valli, What mudra would help in case of excessive menstrual bleeding?

  330. Anindita, Prana Mudra, Prithvi Mudra and Vyan Mudra are beneficial for excessive menstrual bleeding.
    Regular practice of Surya Mudra, Maha Sacral Mudra, Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) and Gomukhasana (Cow face pose)help you in relieving all types of menstrual problems.

  331. Pl help me.
    (1) My mother has HIGH BP. to treat that, she was being given BP medicine, which gave EDEMA . So She was also given Ditide & Lasix for 10 months now…..due to which she developed URINARY INCONTINENCE(low bladder control)…embarrased with it, her Hypertension,palpitation,headache is increased.
    Recently it was understood that EDEMA was side-effect of BP medicine…

    Pl guide as to can Mudras help in following ailments & how she can practice
    (1) Hypertension (high BP)
    (2) edema
    (3) Urinary incontinence (bladder Muscle weak)
    (4) cough
    (5) osteoartheritis


    after years of HYPERACIDITY, I have also developed chronic HEMORRHOIDS (BLEEDING PILES)…any spicy even a bit becomes a cause.

    PL guide me 4 my mother & myself…..I will be really greatful to you.
    waiting eagerly for you guidance, with regards

  332. Hemaraj, let your mother practice the following mudras:
    • Hypertension (high BP) – Apana Vayu Mudra, Akash Mudra, Prana Mudra and Vyan Mudra
    • Edema – Vayu Mudra, Surya Mudra and Gyan Mudra
    • Urinary incontinence – Maha Sacral Mudra, Aswini Mudra, Apana Mudra and sun salutation exercises
    • Cough – Linga Mudra
    • Osteoarthritis – Prithvi Mudra, Varun Mudra, Vayu Mudra, Apana Mudra and Apana Vayu Mudra

    For your problem, try Apana Mudra. Eat well-ripen guava daily before going to bed. Keep water in a copper vessel in the night and drink it early in the morning. Drink at least 4litres of water daily. Also take fiber rich food. You will see improvement within 10 days.

  333. simple hand finger treatment for health life

  334. Hi Valli, For how long should Surya mudra be done in a day for excessive menstrual bleeding?

    What mudra would help for bad allergic coughing due to sensitivity to all kinds domestic fumes like perfumes, incense, cooking, etc.?

  335. Hi Valli,

    Recently, I came across the below site:

    The consultant there feels a particular rudraksha bracelet can help me get cured of multiple sclerosis.

    I request your opinion about the above site, and the healing powers of rudrakshas in general.


  336. Anindita, Surya Mudra can be done 5 to 15 minutes in a day. Prana Mudra and Prithvi Mudra are beneficial for allergies.

    Choudhury, only the real Rudrakshas have healing powers which I am afraid are sold by very few. Anyway, check its reliability before using.

  337. Hi Valli, Thanks for your reply. There seems to be a problem with this page since months. I am unable to post:(

    Ms. Anindita Choudhury

  338. Luckily, today I got the above in. Can you tell me about a genuine rudraksha seller?
    (Trying my luck again.)

  339. Hi Valli, Is there any mudra to cure bleeding gums?


  340. As I suggested you earlier, Apana Mudra and Akash Mudra help in getting healthy teeth. Oil pulling with fine quality sesame seed oil early in the morning for a year will strengthen the teeth and gums. Brushing with the root of Chirchira (prickly flower) is also good for gums.

    I am searching for a genuine rudraksha seller for you. I will let you know if I find anything.

  341. Thanks a lot, Valli.


  342. Also, can the garuda mudra help in multiple sclerosis?


  343. Anindita, Garuda Mudra helps in alleviating some symptoms of Multiple Scleroris, so you can try it.

  344. Thanks, Valli. I hope you are able to let me know of a genuine rudraksha seller soon. It would be wonderful if wearing a rudraksha bracelet could help in multiple sclerosis.

  345. Hi Valli, What mudra is best and safe to improve the circulation of blood and other fluids in the body, specific to multiple sclerosis sufferers?

  346. Anindita, Prana Mudra is very effective in improving the circulation of blood, immunity and power of life.

  347. I want to find cure for my autistic son

    and for erectile dysfunction for me.

    Thank you.

  348. Dear Valli,
    Hope you are doing good.

    I have developed a new complication. Since a month, I feel as if a low-voltage current is being passed through my body, right side only. It happens any time, even when I am lying in bed. If I happen to be sitting or standing I feel all shook up and as if I will faint and fall. It is an awful feeling. It lasts for 2-3 seconds.

    Can any mudra help?

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