Myths About Homoeopathy

Myths about homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy for long has been associated with many myths that have paralysed its growth and made this wonderful healing science look like quackery. Among the many myths, the biggest is that homoeopathic treatment is slow in its effect. Is it really slow? How slow? The answer is that it is as slow or as fast as the nature gets. To understand this, one has to look at the basic principle underlying homoeopathy. Homoeopathic medicines work on the principle of “like cures like”. This means that a similar impression like that of the disease is given to the body in the from of a medicine. This in turn incites a small reaction in the body which fights the disease. In simpler terms, it means that homoeopathic medicines stimulate our body’s own healing processes.

This is the basic principle — the speed at which homoeopathic medicines cure a disease is largely governed by the way our natural restorative process responds. Thus, homoeopathic medicines are not slow in action; they are as slow or as fast as our body’s healing system reacts.

Our body’s healing reaction is dependent on many factors. The intensity of the disease, the nature and the time period during which it has been in our system and, to some extent, the overall vitality of the body determine the speed at which our body cures itself. For example, a long-standing (20 years or so) case of eczema would take a coupe of months to be totally cured. On the other hand, an acute case of simple sore throat can respond within hours.

The second myth that plagues homoeopathy is that of “onions and coffee”. Should onions and coffee be avoided with homoeopathic medicines? Can they affect the treatment of a disease? These are myths and do not alter the homoeopathic action in our body. I am a regular onion eater and I have closely monitored myself whenever I am on homoeopathic medication. It does work even while I take onions. I have never advocated the avoidance of onions and coffee to my patients, still it works for them. It is a pure myth. There is no research or clinical trial that indicates that onions and coffee work as an antidote when we take homoeopathic medicines. The founder of homoeopathy, Dr Hahnemann, had cautioned against the overuse of coffee as a stimulant and that has been misread and wrongfully interpreted.

The third myth is that after taking homoeopathic medicines there is always an increase in the existing symptoms. This is very common to hear from patients: “Will my symptoms increase when I start taking homoeopathic medicine?” The answer is, “Not always”; they do but only in certain conditions and are easily avoidable. In certain disease conditions, where symptoms are suppressed by the use of conventional medicines, one might see a slight increase in these symptoms which is usually temporary and followed by major relief even in the previous condition too. The increase in symptoms can easily be avoided by an expert homoeopath with the careful choice of medicine potency.

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