Naturally Repair Tooth Enamel

Learn about simple, inexpensive, natural remedies to help heal damaged and diseased teeth.

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These are the secrets your dentist doesn’t want you to know. You can repair your damaged or worn tooth enamel. Dentists and their metal instruments can cause injuries to teeth. So can bruxism (tooth grinding) and bad habits such as eating ice.

Allopathic dentists believe that there is no way to naturally restore dental enamel. But, this is simply not true.

The first thing to try if you are dealing with sensitive or damaged teeth or gums is to brush your teeth with sea salt. The salt is healing to to the teeth and gums and can reverse sensitivity to hot and cold due to lost enamel in a few days.

Supplement your diet with bone meal. This remedy comes from Hanna Kroeger’s “Heal Your Life with Home Remedies and Herbs.”

Be sure to include a supplement to replace lost trace minerals.

Heal sore teeth and gums with a paste of bentonite clay and colloidal silver.

Alternately, combine equal parts of bentonite clay and activated charcoal. Make a paste with water and apply it to a decayed or painful tooth. This remedy came from an unknown caller on the June 23, 2009 broadcast of the Officer Jack McLamb radio show at The caller claimed that it saved his teeth from unnecessary extractions and restored the health of the teeth.

Certainly, any of these remedies are reasonable alternatives to try before resorting to a costly visit to a dentist.

Warning: Do not apply the bentonite clay to a tooth that is broken. In this case, hurry to a trusted dentist.

Book recommendation:  All Natural Dental Remedies: Herbs and Home Remedies to Naturally Heal Your Teeth


Heal Your Life with Home Remedies and Herbs; Hanna Kroeger; Hay House Publications; 1998.

Officer Jack McLamb:

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  1. Great work!!..very interesting and enjoyable read..well done!..great advices on health-care and informative too..I liked it..thanx for sharing.

  2. Could some one on here HELP me PLEASE I been dealing with Tooth decay for about 5 years now I even lost a job because of this its really haunting me I tried going to serveral dentist but my tooth is such in bad shape it seems like none of the dentist I been to would even want to help me Honest to GOD I been praying everyday everynight its been haunting for the past couple years I lost alot of good friends, jobs, my focus on life I cant even be alone on in public because of this. its more than embarassing enough to say I even developed an postramatic mental phobia disorder I tried but I cant run or hide from this I cant do the normals things people do Even when I go to the park or to the marina to take my walks or to go fishing the local cops pulled me over and search me thinking I had illegal substance carried in on me honestly please if there is anyone that is kind enough & willing to help me please contact me by EMAIL I PRAISE U THIS TRULY MEANS THE W0RLD T0 ME THANKY0U S0 MUCH G0D BLESS U EVERY0NE!

  3. I’ve been doing some research on how to repair your own teeth with nutrition, and one important nutrient to look into is called Vitamin K2. Apparently, if we get enough of this in our diets, it allows our bodies to start healing themselves. But don’t take my word for it, do your own research.

  4. i got a bridgh and its chipped a black hole shows on my front teeth i would like some one to help me to get a do it yea self kit like fill it in please help am only on income support so i want to be able to buy it over the counter

  5. Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel
    More mainstream and good preventative: Ellie Phillips’s system

  6. my tooth has deep bite therefore my tooth had grind and enamel has been lost . how to make new enamel

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