On Pins and Needles

This authors experience with Acupuncture doesn’t qualify as a total success but it does have its merit.

      I was not a believer in Acupuncture. My daughter. however, believes in the merits enough to give me a Mother’s Day present of four sessions. Although hesitant, I had no choice but to try it. If you have never experienced the procedure, the specialist sticks needles in specific areas in your body. Some areas receive electric impulses to encourage the blood flow. The acupuncturist will talk to you first to decide the nature of your treatment. I have arthritis in the fingers of my right hand, a bad right knee, issues with sleep and a back tight with stress. My treatment addressed all of these issues. 

    When the needles went into my upper back it was excruciatingly painful. I have had a nervous knot there for years. The next day my back was sore and I could not turn my head fully to the right. The day after that, the knot was gone. My sleep cycle has improved as well. From my very first visit, I have slept through the night.The first two nights, I did have nightmares which is an unique occurrence. These last three nights, I slept like a baby. My fingers received those electric pulses, truthfully it was not comfortable. Although I suffer greatly in rainy weather, these last wet days were pain free. My knee is better by far as well. As I worked out hard today, I feel the sting and see the swelling.  I can work out without my brace which is something I did not expect to be able to do. 

    Because of these sessions, I do not need my daily Advil, my knee brace, a sleeping pill and even a Valium. Three out of the four above are covered by my insurance plan. Sadly, the acupuncture is not. In order for me to continue, I have to pay out of pocket which will be hard to do. Holistic approaches to healing should be covered by insurance. I do not understand why we are trapped by our insurance companies to depend on drugs which often have negative side effects. Sorry, I do understand – its the Lobbies. My experience with acupuncture could have been very positive, if I was able to continue.

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