Radio Movie Essay

A short essay on the movie Radio.


Radio was a movie about James Robert Kennedy, or Radio a man who walked around collecting thing and putting them in his cart. Then the next day as Radio is walking by the football field, he see the football on the ground. He put the football on the ground and then take it with him. Coach Jones sees him but does not do anything. Coach Jones stops him the next day, Radio gives the ball to coach, nut coach tell him he can keep it. Coach asks him if he would like to come by tomorrow and help out in the practice.

The next day Radio come to the practice, helps out , and the practice is over some of the players, tape his hands and feet together, and lock him with the rest of the equipment. Coach comes over and takes help Radio and Radio runs home. The next day Radio comes back after Coach Jones apologize for the other players. Coach Jones keep the 4 players after practice to do sprints. After the practice Coach offers Radio a ride home. Coach meets Radio mom, but she did not talk very much to Coach. The next day after practice Coach takes Radio to get something to eat. After a few days the players stop making fun of him, and Coach and Radio become good friends. Then Radio mother dies of a heart attack. Radio starts going to school and starts to learn how to read and write. He ends up coaching the football team, and he still is at the high school coaching the football team.

I really like how the movie was made. It shows a lot of details about Radio, and Coach. There is not very many things I do not like about this movie except that it was a little bit too long, and a little boring at times. I think it was a great movie about the life of Radio and who he was in the past and what he became thanks to Coach Jones who cared for him as if he was his son.Coach is caring, and supportive of Radio.

Liked it
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