Reiki One Courses and Reiki Classes for Children in Dublin

Reiki one Courses and Reiki Classes for Children in Dublin.

Preceptos Reiki (Photo credit: César.)

Angela Gorman love facilitating Reiki 1 courses for children.

Young children are open vessels through which Reiki energy flows easily.

Children do not need to read a Reiki book or attend a Reiki course in order for energy to flow through them. There is a reason for this. The mind of a child influences and activates areas in the energy field important for the flow of energy as well as activating important endocrine glands in the physical body.

Why are Children naturally open to energy?

Until about the ages of seven, children do not use their rational thinking mind so much. They live very much in the moment and have the ability to be more present and intuitive than most adults. Children have a great gift of speaking their truth and do not censor information before delivering it. They are also more unconditional in the way they love themselves and others.

Occupying a state of mind that is based upon being present, speaking truth and unconditional love influences a lot of activity in the upper portion of the energy field. The areas responsible for channelling universal energy are activated on an ongoing basis in the daily life of a child.

Children find Reiki easy to understand

Energy may be flowing through children but unless they know what they have got, they will not use it. Some children have been fortunate to have their parents or relatives attend Reiki courses. If these adults explain Reiki in an easy to understand way and illustrate some basic Reiki hand positions, there is a good chance the children will start using it.

Reiki 1 Classes for Children

Angela Gorman facilitate Reiki classes for children. It is an opportunity to explain Reiki and to show them how to use it.

Angela Gorman is always delighted by their acceptance and enthusiasm. They do not have the inhibitions adults experience when it comes to understanding the simplicity behind Reiki.

How Angela Gorman teach Reiki to children

Angela Gorman explanations of Reiki, where energy comes from and how it enhances our mind and body are kept simple. She explain a lot of the information to them in the form of pictures.

Teaching children the Reiki treatment positions is a dream. They are rarely self conscious and really enjoy the experience. It is a joy to see them using Reiki on each other. I teach them both chair and table Reiki hand positions.

Reiki 1 courses for children are held over a two hour period. This is all that is required. Children are able to understand the concept of Reiki fully in that time frame as they do not struggle with the doubt that adults so often have.

Each child goes away with their drawings, a little Reiki manual I created for children and a Reiki certificate.

For more information about Reiki courses and Reiki classes for children visit our website.

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